Easy Source Additions on Family Tree

FamilySearch has made the process of adding sources to the records on Family Tree easy and even down right simple.

The easy part is associated with the + (plus) certification granted to genealogy packages that comply with the standards and API requited to link to all the features on Family Tree.  You simply match the record in your database to the corresponding record on Family Tree and then upload the sources with a few clicks.

The Simple aspect comes from the ease of attachments of records from within the Collections on FamilySearch.

Let’s look at the Simple process.

Start by logging in to Family Tree.  Search for an ancestor in the database.

Open a second tab in your browser and go to FamilySearch.org.  Log in to Family Search and then search for records about the person located in Family Tree.




Click on the record.  On the right side of the page, click on Attach this record.  A list of possible records on Family Tree will appear to the left.   Because you just searched for the record of your ancestor in Family Tree, their name will appear as a possible match.  If not, click on the History List tab and they should show there.

Click on ‘Attach to Family Tree’.




Click on ‘Select’, add a reason why you are attaching the source on the Family Tree record.



The next popup window will confirm that it really is the record you wanted.  Add the reason you are adding the source then click on ‘Attach’ and that’s all there is to it.




Go back to Family Tree in the first tab you opened.  Refresh the screen and there’s the source you just attached.




That’s it.  It really is that simple.  Now you know how it is done, go forth and source!

Written by Lee R. Drew

Posted on Famhist.us July 2013

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