The Genealogy of Me ~ Tamia Poohachoof

I love seeing young folks engage in genealogy research.  It give them an extendedgenealogy_of_me foundation about who they are and how their family relates to the rest of the world throughout the centuries.

Tamia Poohachoff probably had an assignment to trace and report on her lineage when she create her ancestral presentation on Prezi.  She did a wonderful job with the presentation and I’m sure she was suitably rewarded for her effort in the form of a high grade or with other recognition.

The real reward from her effort wasn’t the high grade however.  it was the knowledge she gained about her lineage.  If you ask her today about her family and how she fits in the timeline of the world, I’ll venture to say that she now has a much better understanding and appreciation of herself, her family and of her ancestors. 

Congratulations Tamia from the genealogy community in general!

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