Dancing at the Wedding Reception

My parents loved to dance.  It was part of the culture of their generation.  They danceddancers swing, waltz, fox trot, lindy hop and even the Charleston, although my mother was better at it than my father.

Everyone their age gathered at the dance hall on Friday and Saturday night.  Some of the halls even had floors that floated on springs to enhance the dancers fast moving steps.

The dance style of that day has been lost to the majority of young folks today.  Heck, they don’t even hold hands any more let alone swing, jump and jitter when they break out in dance. 

It’s too bad. The wiggles, squiggles and bottom shakes today have little to no grace….. little style and certainly little panache’.

However, on occasion, I come across a young couple who really know how to cut a rug.  I have to stop and admire them and their talent.  No, I’m not a dancer.  I secretly live my dancing fantasies through watching those folks who actually have dance skills.

Born with two left feet?  I wish I could dance even that well.  Even though I was a drummer in a rock band, none of the rhythm translated to my feet. 

I’ve often thought how fun it would be to promenade my sweetheart onstage in front of our grandchildren and show show them how dancing really should be done, but alas, that isn’t to be.

How about you?  Any dancing or similar skills that you have that you use to WOW your family and friends?  I hope they put big smiles of surprise and delight on the faces of your grandchildren and family.  That’s the stuff that makes memories that last.  The wee ones may not remember your words, but they’ll remember grandma and grandpa swinging their hips and showing them how dancing should be done.

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