Capture Your Family Stories

We remember stories in our lives better than facts.  When our  grandkids come tomarriage_proposal visit, I tell them stories about the lives of their ancestors to help them know them as persons, not dates and places on a piece of paper.

Some of the best stories involve the good and the bad wedding proposals that have taken place in the history of a family.  Either way, they are memorable.

Are you capturing the stories in your own life and those that you’ve found or heard in the lives of your ancestors?  If not, you are missing a one of the largest part of being a family historian.

Capture them.  Write them down.  Record them if they are new.


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Family history research is a favored avenue of relaxation. It is a Sherlock-like activity that can continue almost anywhere at any time. By leveraging a lifetime involvement in technology, my research efforts have resulted in terabytes of ancestral data, earning me the moniker of Lineagekeeper. And yes - We are all related to Royalty.