Sad End For Civil War Veteran

Henry Rau, a Civil War Veteran died in in a terrible manner.  He swallowed his false teeth in his sleep and choked to death!



We know Henry’s death date was 28 Aug 1913 based in his burial record as found in the U.S., Burial Registers, Military Posts and National Cemeteries, 1862-1960 on Ancestry.



We know from his service filing that he served in the California Infantry at the end of his career.



He was buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery in Los Angeles, ploat 23, 5 RW I

Is this a photo of Henry as a young soldier? It actually is a photo of ‘a’ Henry Rau, taken during the Civil War.  It may well be of the Henry Rau in this article.




Who was Henry Rau?  What was the story of his life?  Do you know?

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