The Accidental Death of Dr. Maurice McKain

The morning of 25 Sep 1940 started out like any morning in the live of a busy small town doctor.  A hurried meal tucked in between patient visits, civic and family duties and responsibilities.

Dr. Maurice Carlyle McKain had just entered the intersection of Maple Street and Indiana Avenue in East Columbia, Indiana when his vehicle was struck by a truck owned by the Deltz grocery that was driven by Jack Marsh.

Dr. McKain was thrown from his car in that day before seat belts, killing him and leaving the city lacking a favored son and medical provider.

Dr. mcKain was born on 19 Aug 1892 in Brownstown, Jackson County, Indiana.  He married his sweetheart, Hazel Elizabeth Mulford on 24 June 1919 in Milan, Ripley County, Indiana. 

The couple had three children: John Maurice who later became a doctor, Fern Kathleen and David Maurice

Dr. McKain’s death left them without a father in their early to mid-teens.

A newspaper article about the accident detailed the life of this leading resident.


McKain Maurice Carlyle Accidental Death


Dr. McKain is buried in the Cliff Hill Cemetery in Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana.

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