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Family Tree continues to add tools to improve its ease of use. I’ve enjoyed thetree_reports_records Pedigree, Family, Family with Sources and Fan Chart tools that can be used to print the related reports to hard copy or as a .pdf file.

I’ve found that the most used link on the page is Search Records. Even though I use Roots Magic to attach sources from my local database to records on Family Tree, I constantly use the Search Records link to add sources from FamilySearch thanks to its simple interface and accurate results listings.

Aside from the obvious benefit of proving the information on the record, sources also quell constant addition of erroneous data by folks who struggle to understand why their musings and aunt Margaret’s stories aren’t correct if source records prove otherwise.

Everyone I’ve talked to about the Search Records link is equally enthusiastic about it. Once they touch it and start adding sources from the subsequent search, they can’t leave it alone. They want sources attached to the records of their family. It is like the old advertisement, ‘bet you can’t eat just one’. In the case of the sources, I’ll bet you can’t add just one. Like the rest of us, you’ll find it is almost instantly addictive.

Everyone wins. We get accurate records supported with sources that even if they aren’t primary sources at times, at least tell enough of the story to build very strong cases based on their circumstantial evidence.

Others can follow along with our discoveries and add their own ‘finds’ supported with sources as well.

Visit the records of your ancestors on Family Tree and give the ‘Search Records’ link a try. How long did I take you to get hooked adding sources to their records? One click or two?

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