Grandma Was Born in the Gordon Castle

Great grandma, Elizabeth Gordon, was born in the Gordon Castle in July 1756.  Apparently her father, Harry Gordon, had enough ties to the Gordon’s in the castle to allow the birth of his daughter in the manor grande.

With her birth, grandma brought a level of respect to her future family.  She married Major James Logie in 1779 in Speymouth, Morayshire.  The Gordon surname is found as a middle name in many of her descendants.

Documents that chronicle events in her life show the influence of her Gordon lineage.  Deference to her thoughts, contributions and signature as a witness to births and marriages of family members and in the community frequently show her signature at the top or in enlarged script by the record keeper.

Based on sketchy notes, I envision her as a feisty small lady whose presence in a room belied her physical stature.  If her personality called down to her grandchildren, then I know that she also had a wonderful sense of humor as witnessed in the life of her great grandson, Charles Joseph Gordon Logie.

The castle has dramatically shrunk in size since its glory days.  It is still a magnificent structure and property, but wouldn’t it be fun to see it as it was back when it was one of the largest country houses in Scotland?




Gordon-castle 3




Gordon Castle Music

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