Captain John Burgess and His Family

My ancestor, Captain John Burgess, was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts on 26 March 1785, the son of John and Anna Tribble Burgess. John was the oldest of the 11 children in the family, the honor of which invariably turns into the task of training new parents how to be parents.

The family enjoyed a close relationship that was reflected in the usage of ancestral first names in the families of almost all of the children of the siblings.

John found the love of his life in Susanna Sampson, the daughter of Sylvanus and Mary Wright Sampson.  The couple married on 10 Nov 1804 in Plymouth and began their family of five children:

Burgess John Sampson Susanna family records


Ten days after the birth of John, Susanna passed away on 20 Dec 1819 from issues related to the childbirth.

The Burgess and Sampson families rallied to help John with his small brood as much as they could but it was difficult for all of them until Susanna’s youngest sister, Sophia Sampson stepped in and took over as the favorite aunt, care taker and giver.

John and Sophia fell in love and married on 10 Jan 1822.  Within a few years the couple enjoyed several new arrivals to their family.

John died on 4 May 1850 and was buried on Burial Hill by his wife, Susanna.  Sophia died on 24 Feb 1882 and was also buried in Plymouth.

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