History of the Hayford Family

hayford_family From time to time we find that we have traced a wrong ancestral line thanks to an assumption we’ve made when working with circumstantial evidence.  

It happened to me a short while ago.  The name of an individual in a tiny Maine town was so unusual that it ‘had to be unique’, yet it wasn’t.  The second man with the same name wasn’t mentioned often in the records records yet, his lineage was the line I’d traced as ‘my’ family.

The discovery of the two men resulted in my loss of a lot of folks that I thought were mine.  You’ve probably been in the same situation during your research life.

To pay homage to the line I’d initially followed, I’ve included the book, “history of the Hayford family, 1100 – 1900 by Otis Hayford to this post.  Thanks to Google Books, we can read it online at any time.

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