Accidental Death of Lawrence Snow Featherstone

4 August 1930 was a sad day for Joseph and Annie Snow Featherstone.  Their young son, Lawrence Snow Featherstone, had gone for a ride with a family friend, S. N. Westerfield, a dairyman from Granger, Utah.  Lawrence wanted  to tag along while Mr. Westerfield delivered milk to part of the folks on his milk route. 

A car driven by a visitor to the area rear-ended the milk truck throwing little Lawrence out onto the road.  The trunk overturned killing him instantly when it crushed his young body. 

The Featherstone’s lost their sixth child in seconds.



The driver of the car was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter in relation the death of Lawrence.


Featherstone Lawrence accident charges



Featherstone Lawrence Death Certificate


Life is precious and easily lost.  Keep your family close and tell them you love them every day while you can.


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