Genealogy Presentations Using Prezi

Helping younger folks with their genealogy research has always been one of mybennett_hailey_genealogy favorite activities.  I delight in the wonder and excitement they exude when they find records about their ancestors and the ancestors come to life in their minds.  Their research projects suddenly go from a research assignment from school into something much more personal and meaningful.

Some of the young folks use online tools like Prezi to create presentations of their work that satisfies school and other assignments.  Lucky them!  Their ‘hobby’ provides credits in school!

I’m often impressed with the talent some young folks exhibit in presenting their research in a feature rich tool like Prezi.

Not long ago, Hailey Bennett posted her Canadian genealogy there.  She has obviously thought about the content that she has included in her ancestral story.

Let’s enjoy her work.  Send her congratulations if you enjoy it too.


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Family history research is a favored avenue of relaxation. It is a Sherlock-like activity that can continue almost anywhere at any time. By leveraging a lifetime involvement in technology, my research efforts have resulted in terabytes of ancestral data, earning me the moniker of Lineagekeeper. And yes - We are all related to Royalty.