Probate of Lancelot Burgess d. 1821

Lancelot Burgess was born in about 1779 to Stephen and Temperance Wing Burgess in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  He married Sally Sherman on 20 Jul 1800 in Carver, Massachusetts. 

The couple had 9 children during the first eighteen years of their marriage.  Unfortunately, Lancelot died less than a month after the birth of their youngest child, Lancy Wing Burgess when he was lost at sea on 1 April 1821.

Three of the sons in the family died in the Caribbean.  Charles Thomas Burgess died in 1821 in Puerto Rico.  Lancy W. Burgess died in 1820 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and the baby of the family, also named Lancy Wing Burgess died on 1 Apr 1821 in the Wet Indies.

The probate file for Lancelot Burgess is shown below:

Burgess Lancelot Probate


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