Jackass Brandy Kills Clerk

The Liquor Prohibition in America caused some folks to make and others to drink alcoholic beverages that were basically poison.  Guys would make homemade hooch and sell it to folks looking for a drunk during the week.  

Because it was totally illegal, there were no controls over quality.

Unfortunately, Frank Copp, room clerk at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco fell prey to a bad batch that took his life.

The name “Jackass” says it all.  You had to be one to sell it and you certainly had to be one to drink it. 

On 9 July 1921, Frank Copp drank his last shot of hooch.  Within a few minutes the chemicals and compounds in the brandy turned his head and struck deep into his  being taking his life.


Incidents weren’t that uncommon in America during the Prohibition years.  His wife and family paid the price for what Frank thought would be a few hours pleasure.


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