The Huguenots: In England and Ireland

As a descendant of of several Huguenot families, I’ve long been interested in theirthe_huguenots stories.   A couple are extremely frightening.  Others reflect their ability to read the writing on the wall and thanks to good preparedness planning, escape from the wrath of a French king was easily affected.

Of course, their stories didn’t stop with their escape from France.  What happened to them in their new homelands? 

Most of my Huguenot ancestors immediately moved to America but a few settled in England for a period of time before relocation to America as well.

Thanks to Google Books, I’ve used the book “The Huguenots: Their Settlements, Churches, and Industries in England and Ireland by Samuel Smiles  to provide a rich background story in the life stories of my Huguenot ancestors.


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