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Family History research continues to increase in popularity.

My personal ancestral quest started many years ago. For the past eight centuries, the majority of my ancestors lived in England, Scotland and Denmark.

Prior to the 1600's, I've traced them to Norway, Sweden, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Israel to name a few of their native lands.

During the decades of my research, I have worked with many cousins in a joint quest to extend our knowledge of our common ancestral families.

Information on my Ashton, Bennett, Blacknall, Burgess, Churchill, Drew, Farrar, Featherstone, Hammer, Hoggard, Logie, Mulford and Tirrill lineages and their extended families are found under the "Drew Family" links.

Information on my wife's Young, Jensen, Merrill, Jensen, Limb, Alfson, Hale, Griffin and Gover and related families are found under the "Young Family" links.

Additionally, data for Sanders, Wicker, Stewart, Ireland, Prestwich, Harris and other ancestral lines associated with our family is included on the site.


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