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Robert Ditto Rodden - toddler Robert Elwood Drew Robert Harrison Drew Robert Harrison Drew Robert Harvey Bennett Robert Loggie Robert Nicholas Bennett Robert Nicholas Bennett Robert Nicholas Bennett Robert Nicholas Bennett at home in Fort Canyon
Robina Constance (Ruby) Logie Robina Constance Logie Robina Logie Olsen Rodden Brothers Grocery Store Rodden Family Members Rodden Finney Rodden Finney Rodney Warren and Eliza Jane Weeks Tirrill's Home Rodney Warren Tirrill Rodney Warren Tirrill - Middle Aged
Rodney Warren Tirrill - Younger Ronald Bruce Timpson Ronald Herbert Bate Ronald Vaughn Featherstone Rosa Clara Friedlander Rosa Clara Friedlander Rosa Clara Logie Rosa Clara Logie Bennett Rosa Hansen Ashton Rosa Martina Hansen Ashton
Roscoe Blaine Gore Rosina, Fredrick and James Riddle Rowe Boys Ruby Venina Huggard - Teenager Ruby Venina Huggard Wanlass Ruth Verranna Goddard Beaumont Sally Ann Drew Sally Ann Drew Wilbur Sally standing on the front porch of the Drew home in Plymouth, Massachusetts... Photo is looking toward Plymouth Rock. Samuel and Ruby Venina Wanlass
Samuel B. Johnson Samuel Cole Wright Samuel Edward Cox Samuel Hammer Samuel Hammer Samuel Wanlass Sanford Soverhill Atwood Sarah Agnes Tietjens Sarah Annie Clark Hale Sarah Ellen Cornelius Bennett
Sarah Saloma Miller Bennett Sarah Tucker Gover Sarah Witham Bennett Scott and Daisy McCormick Scott Leo Bennett Selina Thornton Farrar Sharpham manor - Devonshire, England Sheriff William Alexander Logie Shilling Family Shirley Delight Powell Marsh
Shirley Hoggard Bennett Silas Blaine Bennett Silas Blaine Bennett Silver Tongs made by Abiel Chandler Simon and Ellen Morrison Simpson Family Smith Sisters  Solomon Henry Hale Solon White Drew Solon White Drew as a youngster. Southwark Cathedral - St. Saviours - London
St. Helena's - inside the chapel St. Helena's Church St. Helena's side view St. Helena's tympanum detail Stanford LeRoy Dahl Stanley David Drew Stephen Curtis Drew Stephen Earl Kelly Stephen Elvin Featherstone Stephen G. Bradford
Stuart Tolman Ames Stuart Tolman Ames - Mail Carrier Stuart Tolman Ames - Young man. Stuart Tolman Ames with Grandchild Susan Newson Huggard Susan Semple Rowe Susannah North Martin - reading bible Susie Newson Huggard Thaddeus John Bone The Atwood Brothers
The Olsen Family at Mapanui Theodore Phillips Burgess Boat 'Athene' Theodore Phillips Burgess Boat 'Karina' Theodore Phillips Burgess Boat Karina - on deck Thomas Alexander Brookie Thomas and Arminta Ashton home - Lehi, UT Thomas and Emma Featherstone First Home in American Fork. Thomas and Martha Ann Gover Griffin Thomas and Martha Ann Gover Griffin family Thomas and Martha Gover Griffin

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