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Samuel Fuller, (Mayflower)

Samuel Fuller, (Mayflower)

Male 1585 - 1633  (48 years)

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  • Name Samuel Fuller, (Mayflower) 
    Suffix (Mayflower) 
    Born 1585  Redenhall, Norfolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 1633  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • From Caleb Johnson's website:

      ANCESTRAL SUMMARY: Samuel Fuller was born and baptized in Redenhall, Norfolk, England,thesonof a butcher. More on his ancestry can be found in theNewEnglandHistoric and Genealogical Register, 55:411, TheAmericanGenealogist61:194-196, and Mayflower Quarterly 51:58.

      Will of Samuel Fuller

      --------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

      BIOGRAPHICAL SUMMARY: Samuel Fuller was one of the original members of the Pilgrimschurch,andfled England for Holland in 1609. Samuel Fuller became asurgeonandphysician, making him an important member of the PlymouthColony(andother colonies as well once emigration to Massachusettspickedup).Samuel Fuller also played a prominent role in thecongregation,becominga deacon of the church in Plymouth. Samuel Fullerdied in the1633epidemic at Plymouth. William Bradford wrote:

      . . . and in the end, after he had much helped others, SamuelFullerwhowas their surgeon and physician and had been a great helpandcomfortunto them. As in his faculty, so otherwise being a deacon ofthechurch,a man godly and forward to do good, being much missed afterhisdeath.And he and the rest of their brethren much lamented by themandcausedmuch sadness and mourning amongst them, which caused themtohumblethemselves and seek the Lord; and towards winter it pleasedtheLord thesickness ceased.

      Last Will & Testament of Samuel Fuller, 1633

      --------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

      I Samuel ffuller the elder being sick & weake but by the mercie ofGodinprfect memory ordaine this my last will & Testmt. And first ofallIbequeath my soule to God & my body to the earth untilltheresureccon.Item I doe bequeath the educacon of my children to myBrotherWill Wright& his wife, onely that my daughter Mercy be & remainewthgoodwife Wallenso long as she will keepe her at a reasonable charge.Butif it shallplease God to recover my wife out of her weake estateofsicknes then mychildren to be wth her or disposed by her. Alsowhereasthere is a childecomitted to my charge called Sarah Converse, mywifedying as afore Idesire my Brother Wright may have the bringing up ofher.And if herefuse then I comend her to my loving neighbour & brotherinChristThomas Prence desiring that whosoever of them receive herpformethe dutyof a step ffather unto her & bring her up in the ffeare ofGod astheirowne wch was a charge laid upon me pr her sick ffather whenhefreelybestowed her upon me & wch I require of them. Item whereasEliz.Cowleswas comitted to my educacon by her ffather & Mother stilllivingatCharles Towne, my will is that she be conveniently apprelled &returnetoher ffather or mother or either of them. And for Georgeffosterbeingplaced wth me upon the same termes by his prents still livingatSagos mywill is that he be restored to his Mother likewise. Item IgiveuntoSamuell my son my howse & lands at the Smeltriver to him & hisheiresforever. Item (worn) will is that my howse & garden at towne besold &allmy moveables there & at the Smeltriver (except my Cattle)togeatherwththe prnt Croppe of Corne there standing by my Overseersheereafter tobemenconed. except such as they shall thinke meet in theprnt educaconofmy two children Samuell & Mercy my debts being first pdout of them,theoverplus to be disposed of towards the encrease of mystock of Cattlefortheir good at the discretion of my overseers. Item Igive two Acresofland that fell unto me by lott on the Sowth side theTowne adjoyningtothe Acres of mr Isaack Allerton to Samuell my son. Alsotwo otherAcresof land wch were given me by Edward Bircher scituate &beingatStrawberry hill if mr Roger Williams refuse to accept of themasformerlyhe hath done. Also one othr Acre by mr Heeks his Acres neertheReedpond, All wch I give to the said Samuell & his heires for ever.It.mywill is that my Cozen Samuell goe freely away wth his Stock ofCattle&Swine wthout any further recconing wch swine are the halfe ofsixsowesSix hogges one boare & fowr shotes Also one Cow & one heyfer.Itemmywill is that not onely the other halfe afore menconed but alsoallothermine owne propr stock of Swine be sold wth other my moveablesforthe usebefore expressed except my best hogg wch I would have killedthiswinterfor the prnt comfort of my children. It. whereas I havedisposed ofmychildren to my Brother Will. Wright & Prisilla his wife mywill isthatin case my wife die he enter upon my howse & land at the SmeltRiver,&also my Cattle not disposed on together wth my two servts ThomasSymons&Robt Cowles for the Remainder of their several termes to beemployedforthe good of my children he being allowed for their chargvizt.mychildrens what my Overseers shall thinke meet. But if in casemysaidbrother Will Wright or Prisilla his wife die then mysaidChildrenSamuell & Mercy together wth the said joynt charge comittedtothe saidWill & Prisilla be void except my Overseers or the survivorofthem shallthink meet. To whose godly care in such case I leave them tobedisposedof else where as the Law shall direct them. By cattlenotdisposed on oto be employed for the good of my children I meanethreeCowes & twosteere calves Six old ewes & two ewe lambs two oldwethers &three wetherlambs together wth such overplus upon the sale of mygoodsbeforeexpressed as my Overseers shall adde heereunto. It. I give outofthisstock of Cattle the first Cow calfe that my Browne Cow shall havetotheChurch of God at Plymouth to be employed by the Deacon or Deaconsofthesaid Church for the good of the said Church at the oversightoftheruling Elders. Item I give to my sister Alice Bradfordtwelveshillingsto buy her a padre of gloves. Item whatsoever is due untomefrom CaptStandish I give unto his Children. It. that a pr of glovesof5sh bebestowed on mr Joh. Wynthrop Govr of the Massachusets. It. Igiveunto myBrother Wright aforesaid one cloath suit not yet fullyfinishedlying inmy trunk at Towne wch I give notwthstanding my wifesurvive. It.whereasCapt John Endecott oweth me two pownds of Beaver Igive it to hissonnetIt. my will is that when my children come to age ofdiscretion thatmyOverseers make a full valuacon of that Stock of Cattle&thencreasethereof, & that it be equally devided between my children.Andif any diein the meane time the whole to goe to the survivororsurvivors. It. mywill is that they be ruled by my Overseers inmarriage.Also I would havethem enjoy that smale porcon the Lord shallgive themwhen my Overseersthinke them to be of fit discretion & not atany settime or appointmt ofyeares. It. whereas my will is that myOverseersshall let out that stockof Cattle wch shall be bought wth theOverplus ofmy goods to halves tosuch as shall be as well carefull ashonest men. Mywill is that mybrother Wright have the refusall of them.It. I give untoJohn Jenny &loin. Wynslow each of them a padre of glovesof fiveshillings. It. Igive Unto mrs Heeks the full sum of twentyshillings. It.I give to oldmr William Brewster my best hat & band wchLh(worn) neverwore. Item mywill is that if my children die that then mystock be thusdistributed.ffirst that what care or paines or charge hathbeen by anyabout mychildren be fully recompensed. Next at the discretionof theOverseers Ithus bequeath the rest vizt so as it may redownd totheGoverning Elderor Elders of this Church at Plymouth aforesaid &towardsthe helping ofsuch psons as are members of the same & are[illegible] asmy Overseersshall thinke meet. It. I give to Rebecca Prence2sh 6d to buyher a padreof gloves It. my will is that in case my sonneSamuell & othermychildren die before such time as they are fitt to enterupon my landforinheritance that then my kinsman Saml ffuller now in thehowse wthmeenjoy wtsoever lands Lam now possessed of except my dwellinghowseattown or whatsoever shall be due to me or them. It. I give tohimmyRufflet Cloake & my stuffe sute I now weare It. I institutemysonSamuell my Executor. and because he is young & tender I enjoyne himtobewholly ordered by Edw Wynslow mr Wil Bradford & mr Tho. PrencewhomImake his Overseers & the Overseers of this my last will &Testmt.sooften menconed before in the same. And for their paines I giveto eachofthem twenty shillings apeece. It. I give to Mercy my daughteroneBiblewth a black Cover wth Bezaes notes. It. I give all the rest ofmybookesto my sonne Samuell wch I desire my Brother Wright Willsafelypreservefor him. It my will is that when my daughter Mercy is fittto goetoscore that mrs Heeks may teach her as well as my sonnet It.whatsoevermrRoger Williams is indebted to me upon my booke for phisick Ifreelygivehim. Last of all whereas my wife is sick & weake I havedisposed ofmychildren to others my will is if she recover that she havetheeducaconof them, & that the other gifts & legacies I have given maybepformedAnd if in case any of my Overseers or all of them 13] diebeforemychildren be judged by them of age of discretion then my desireistheywill before such time when they dispose of their owneaffairesdeputesome other of the Church to pforme this duty of care & lovetowardsmychildren, wch I allow & binde my children to obedience to themasbefore.In witnes that this is my last will & Test I have set to my hand&sealethe 30 th of July Anno 1633.

      Samuell ffuller

      Memorand that whereas the widow Ring comitted the Oversight ofhersonneAndrew to me at her death, my will is that mr Tho Prence oneofmyOverseers take the charge of him & see that he be brought upintheffeare of the Lord & See that he sustaine no wrong by any.

      Witnesses heerunto

      Robt Heeks

      John Wynslow.

      --------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

      SOURCES: Arthur and Katherine Radasch, Mayflower Families forFiveGenerations:Francis Eaton, Samuel Fuller and William White, volume1(Plymouth:General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1974).

      Francis H. Fuller, "Early New England Fullers," New EnglandHistoricalandGenealogical Register 55(1901):192-196.

      Francis H. Fuller, "Fullers of Redenhall, England," NewEnglandHistoricaland Genealogical Register 55(1901):410-414.


      Susanna White was a member of the Leiden Separatist community. She and her husband, William, and their young son Resolved were passengers on the Mayflower. Susanna gave birth to another son, Peregrine, in December of 1620 while the Mayflower was anchored in Provincetown Harbor. Peregrine was the first child born to the Pilgrims in New England.

      William White died during February of 1621. Susanna married Edward Winslow (another Mayflower passenger, whose wife had also died during that hard first winter) in April of 1621. This was the first wedding in the new colony. By her second marriage with Edward Winslow, Susanna White Winslow had 5 children, although only 2 lived to adulthood : Josiah, born c1629 and Elizabeth, born in the 1630's.

      Edward Winslow was " ... one of the most energetic and trusted men in the Colony. He went to England in 1623, 1624, 1635 and 1646, as agent of the Plymouth or Massachusetts colonies; and in 1633 he was chosen governor, to which office he was reelected in 1636 and 1644. He did not return to New England after 1646. In 1655 he was sent by Cromwell as one of three commissioners to superintend the expedition against the Spanish possessions in the West Indies, and died at sea near Hispaniola, on the 8th of May of that year ..." (Alexander Young, Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers (Boston Charles C. Little and James Brown, 1841), p. 274-5.

      There is no evidence that Susanna White Winslow ever accompanied her husband Edward Winslow on his journeys out of Plymouth Colony.

      The Winslows lived on a large estate named Careswell, in Marshfield (north of Plymouth).

      We do not know the date of Susanna’s death. Her name appears in her husband Edward’s will, written in 1654. She is not mentioned in her son Josias' will. It is therefore assumed that Susanna White Winslow died between 18 December 1654 (when Edward Winslow's will was written) and 2 July 1675 (the date of Josias Winslow's will).
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    Family 1 Agnes Carpenter,   b. Abt 1588, Wrington, Somersetshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 24 Apr 1633  (Age ~ 45 years) 
    Married 24 Apr 1614  Leyden, Zuid, Holland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 15 Sep 2006 
    Family ID F217256  Group Sheet

    Family 2 Bridget Carpenter,   b. Abt 1599, Wrington, Somersetshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married Leyden, Zuid, Holland Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 15 Sep 2006 
    Family ID F217257  Group Sheet

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