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11 Mar 1901

American Fork Mar 11/01 (1901)

Dear Miss Beat

As it is some hours since we heard from you I thought it would be adviseable to drop you a few lines to let you know that we are still living in the Same place

this is a verry dull day. The clouds are hanging over our devoted city in a threatening maner all day. looks as if there might be any amount of snow decend upon us at anytime. we have not removed any of our Stoves yet. have one in each room & pleanty of coal to feed them so they cant freeze us out anyway.

well we had a new organist yesterday. the new Expert from Provo. he played the first three tunes & then was invited on the Stand to Show himself to the congregation. Bro Grant rendered the Closeing Spasem. the Cat fish did not wave the music club.

the new lights from Alpine by the name of Vance performed the Gracfull a cha so you can see it is all Grand Change.

Old Garf is hanging round Miss Coray in fine style visits her in the School room & went with her to Provo last Saturday. it was teacher day over there. the old devil must be Sixty years old. he was Chacing after Mable Christainsen a while ago.

Mother says she don't think that Miss Gal wants to go to any other parts of the Earth. She seems to be settled down for the present any way. She did not even go to Church yesterday too tired. She lights her fire & sits in the shade & don't want to go out at all. the poor soul has not any cat now so she talks to the canarie some times.

you stated in your last epistle that you had no Fellow now. Mother says what is the matter with Mr James, the member in Salt Lake. do you ever hear from him?

we think you would be too tired to keep school in the morning if you go dancing verry often in the evening, but at the same time we are pleased to hear that you are enjoying your self but there is one little item that I wish to mention & this is do not go out at night without a Suitable Escort.

me & Walter were at a trial last Saturday between Dav Rogers & Mis Marr for Slander

Judge McNeil takes a week to render a verdic prehaps you will see the account in the paper

oh thats all,

with Kind Love

Same as usual, Logie