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1 Mar 1901

American Fork March 1/01 (1901)

To Miss Beatrice Logie Esq.

I take another oppertunity of Sending you another report of currant events. it is a fine to day & I am able to appear without my coat & I think that Spring has taken us unawares.

I don't know what to tell you this time Mrs Evans is giving the Dame the groans & the wounder in the back kitchen.

it seems that the new Stake has been puting new officers in the Suday School & among other changes the have put that Gardner boy that clerks in the Co op for Secretary & kept her in the same place as Sis Tenty & of couse she don't like having a squirls of a boy put over hereafter all the years She has serve in Sunday School.

we are having curious times in our town since Whiteliver has come in to power the catfish Seems to be loosing favor lately. he was put in for one of the high council & he is out of the Sunday School now & I believe he will be releaced from the chair soon. Whiteliver had the poor old fellow rakeing rocks out in the street yesterday. I began to think that I am pretty luckey that I don't hold any of their offices because what I have never received they cannot take from me. White liver never notices me I am not ready to bow down to the likes of him yea

one of the Ovid boys accidently shot his self last Wednesday. he is to be buried tomorrow some time.

about the conference trip mother says could not you come home on Friday evening & then go to town the next day & return to Binham on Monday. you would only loose an hour or two.

Silas Bennett was down today & said that his farther & mother were both sick with de la Grip I believe Rosa is in bed still they did not seam to be able to make a wis with the Small Pot. it is all off up there since the McMillin bill passed.

Well there is nothing extra.

Sir Charles & Lady took supper with us last night.

Miss G. is lamenting because there are so many children & so few teachers & school rooms. says trustees are all dough heads because they don't build more School rooms.

did you get the paper I sent you?

we would like to see you if you can come at conference time

will say adiew with

Kind love

Chas Logie