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21 Nov 1900

American Fork Nov 21/00 (1900)

To Miss B

Your letter duly arrived & found us well. I have nothing of concequence to write about but thought I would acknoledge receiving a letter from you. you did not say weather you went to see Georgenia when you were in town last time.

Mother has been washing today. She is going to Start making mince meat now.

Tom Miller was buried yesterday.

The School marm had a hard time this week. One of her Students met with an axident. He died last Saturday. His name was Jim Somerville & the Scholars all had to have white ribon rosets & all the flowers they could get.

well I realy don't know what to write about.

Bob Bennett came down yesterday & took Ada back with him so we are kind of Short of a first rate cook.

I expect we will see you as large as life by Thanksgiving.

we have got a few old hens left & we will try & murder one for that accation.

how do you get along about Snow. Do you have to wade Knee deep. there is verry little Snow down in town but I believe there is lots of snow up in the mountains. The weather is verry unpleasant.

now I am going to quit for this time for want of something to say. I Suppose you can see the papers.

Sister Evans has just left & I defy any human being to write a letter while her conversational powess are in good going order.

there is the Choir & the Cat fish & Bro Grant & the Organ & then the Democratic womans Clup & when that is got through with the bishop & his council has to take a Whack.

I suppose you Know that President Partridge was buried last Monday. Some of our folks think White Liver would like to be appointed in his place.

I will now conclude & say fare well Bro Watkins. Hoping this will find you quite well as we are at this time.

we send Kind love & remain your Affect Father

Chas Logie