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25 Oct 1900

American Crotch Oct 25/000000 (1900)

Poor Old Soldier

We the undersigned did receive a letter from Bingham teling about lots of things & of corse I have got to send an answer back.

Mother says for you not to bother your self about the boarding expences She thinks that you might find some family living over there that you are aquainted with from this place

Charlie Roberts has a hotel some where in Bingham. he married Lizie Shelley & proberly there are other familes where you could stay on reasonable terms. But don't attempt to go any where by your self. That is you should be in the house of some respectable Family. You might get a furnished room Some thing like you had where Georgenia lives.

You did not say weather you received your valice. We would like to know.

Mother went to look at the fancy coats this morning. they run from 7 1/2 to twelve dollars any colour you want & the latest style lined with Satin the best quality & mother thinks If you are coming home on Thanks Giving you had better wait & choose your own coat.

Peggy Transtrom hs to give a lecture to the Girls of the School this afternoon to try & teach them better morals & Bro Forbes takes the Boys & gives them a doce of the same medecien.

There has been some thing radiculary wrong going on among the hopefulls. Peggy says she is going to write to you so I expect she will send you the news. There are two of the teachers boarding at Grants their name is Sumtion from Springville & Mrs Evans says that they empty their necessarys out of the front windows on to those who happen to pass that way.

There is not much news here every thing is given up to poltitico the Repubs do fear & tremble.

We are Glad to hear that you are getting along well with your School. don't get out of temper if every thing don't go exactly strait & all will be well.

How many schools are there where you live?

Will now close hopeing this will find you well as it leaves us with the exception that Mother has got a cold.

We send your Kind love to you

I am my Afect Father

Chas Logie