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4 Feb 1901

American Fork Feb 4/01 (1901)

Dear Beatrice,

I take pleasure in answering your letter which came safe to hand yesterday. You seem to be geting along verry nicely in your school we are glad to hear that you are doing so well with the Pareents of your pupils. It is allways encouraging to know that your labors are apreciated.

Now don't you think that we are geting to be a couple of craby ol folks because we don't allways coinside with all the fashions of the day.

All these clubs and secret order are verry well for some people but in the first place there is quiet an expence by way of dues and other things to be attended to that would ocupy your time which would not be of any benefit to you & Mother thinks you had better wait a little longer for the good time coming don't you know. Mother wants to know how far you have to travel to get to school. you did not say in your communication verry much about your new quarters only that it was a nice place & that you had lots of good things to eat. So we are wondering how far you have to tramp in the Snow every morning.

Well Miss Galbraith is verry pleased about the way you managed about that vaccination buisness she says that you acted the perfect Lady. She is quite disgusted with Corey Bromley because she would not be vaccinated & when the trustees refered to let her teach she demanded her pay just the same while poor Miss Galbraith was teaching her school. Cora went back when the school was opened to all healthy persons. they had a pay day last friday & the trustees stoped 10 dollars off Cora & gave it to our Galbraith.

There is a number of changes being made here since the stake has been devided been quite a number of new officers made & things turned round generaly.

we are sorry that you cannot pay us that visit on burthington wash day but of cause you have to attend to your school affairs.

Mother says how is Mr Joke Hopkins.

you did not say weather you went to that big dance last friday. now when next you write be sure to answer all these questions & any thing else that she may of forgoten.

We have not forgot that tomorrow will be your birthday & we wish you many returnes of the day and pray that the good Lord will continue to bless you with every blessing & that you may live to a good old age is the wish of the Old folks at Home. Mother sends you a small present & would have liked to send a more valueble one but we know that you will take the will for the deed. Walter sends his love to you. he is still staying with us the poor fellow injoys his Mothers cooking says he can't get any thing fit to eat out to Mercur & we are glad to have him stay with us while it is such cold weather.

we have had quite a Snow storm yesterday & today.

I expect I have said about enough for this time.

Charlie has just called in he says to tell you that none of his folks have been vaccinated yet.

Now I realy qill quit for this time. it is nearly dinner time & there is a meeting for the high Priests at 2 O Clock

I am happy to say that we are all well at home & trust that this will find you the same

we send our kind love to you & remain your Affect Father

Chas Logie