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6 May 1901

American Fork May 6/1901

To whome it may concern]

Dear Beatrice

I take pleasure in writing you a few lines to let you know that we are still on top of the food stool & feeling all OK. after the splendid rain which decended upon the Just & the unjust. we had a light frost last night but I do not think it did any harm to the fruits. our garden has not arrisen from the ground yet but we are expecting to see the fruits of our labor before many weeks.

our poor Galbraith is not feeling verry well was hardily able to go to school this morning. She is wearing herself out trying to do something that none of the other teachers are doing & she makes herself lots of trouble by being so verry particular trying to make her pupils so far ahead of the rest of the school & then she cant find out weather she will be able to make that trip to the East.

there don't seem to be any cheap rates from here & the Agent told her the other day that she would have to go to Denver & get her tickets there to go to the States. So She don't know how things will turn out yet but this is a troublesome world any way & it is hard to get through. We are verry Glad to hear that you are geting along so well at your school & all so that you like your serroundings @ the Sweeds in particular.

I am rather pushed for time as I have to go to tall priests meeting at two p.m. so I will have to hurrey up the cakes

Mother says for the Lords sake don't get a red or pink Waist for our streets were lined with them yesterday when the Sunday School let out yesterday.

I wrote a letter to your Auntie Georgenia last week & sent our picture & a newpaper. I still have to write to Herbert it seems quite a lot to write to all my rich relations I owe our Joe a letter now & I ought to write to Walter. he has not writen since he left Home & we don't Know what he is doing nor where he is. last we heard he had gone over to Sunshine.

well I will have to wish you good afternoon hopeing this will find you quite well as this leaves us.

we Send our kind love

take good care of your self & Write again

I am your Affect Father

Chas Logie Esq

the dame says she would like to send you some jelley up if She Knew how to send it safe.