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9 May 1901

American Fork May 9-1901

To Beat Logie

Well here we are again. I have nothing to write about but you said write soon so I have quit runing the maweing machine in order to obay your command Your mother is engaged makeing Mormon Soap & it produces a beautifull efluvia in some parts of the Mantion but you know that is just as I like em

Mather Says that rain was all right every thing looks first rate gras cavers the Earth & the Trees are full of blossom

So now my old gal get your teeth of an edge for we expect to have apples & peaches for nothing at all Some of the things in the Garden are begining to rise old napper

I havent much time to Speak at legnth on the beauties of our ancestral home for time waits for no man or woman either for that matter & I am afraid of mising the Post Office

we have got a Saloon Smasher in town. will tell you the grand secret when you come home. you are well aquainted with the parties but we think it would not be verry nice to put down names in black & white.

Poor Old Galbraith is still uncertain about her trip to the East. She had been consulting Bro Forbs about Cheap rates & he told her he though Chipman or perhaps the Governer might be able to do something for he by way of Speaking to the Rail way Manager in Salt Lake City (he Forbes) said he was a little aquainted with the Governoer & he would ask him about it.

the honorable Frank Kirdunk Soon got dired of your country work Skered him out of ther in less than fifteen hours. he is back here walking about like Saloman in all his glorey.

well perhaps I have said enough for this time so I will close hopeing this will find you quite well.

Shall be Glad to see you.

we send Kind love to you & remain affect Father.

Charlie Logie