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"Nicholas died on his farm. He moved to Ohio with his parents in 1816 from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He served in Mexican war as a color bearer."

Source: History & Record of Nicholas Bennett Sr, son of William Bennett & His Descendants:

"Nicholas married Catherine Innis on 12 Aug 1816 in Warren County, Ohio."

Marriage sources: Warren Co. Marriages 1803-1821; Gen R, B93, B853 M, Film #974 057 Page 158, Miami Valley Records, Vol. 8: Nicholas & Catherine marriage date given as 12 Aug 1816 on this record. Deerfield Township Cemetery Record. Rose Hill, Mason, Ohio shows wife Catherine born 6/11/1796. Her death as 5/13/1829. Marriage given Aug 12, 1816 in Warren Co. Marriages 1803-1821. Film #974.051

"After Catherine died, he married a 2nd time to Rachel Anderson on 4 Aug 1827."

2nd Marriage sources: History and Record of Nicholas Bennett, Sr. son of William Bennett & His Descendants. Marriage entry No. 2716, page 309, Warren Co., Probate Court shows marriage date 4 Oct 1827 for Nicholas & Rachel Bennett. Deerfield Township Cemetery Records, Rose Hill, Mason, Warren County, Ohio (F 893,727).

CENSUS RECORDS for Nicholas Bennett:

1850 Deerfield Township, District 149, Warren County, Ohio

Nicholas 64 yrs old Rachel 46 yrs old

1860 Couldn't find listed in Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio

1870 Mason, Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio

Rachel 63 yrs old

1880 Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio

Rachel 75 yrs old

In Book: 977.176 H2h information is given that 2 of his children died in infancy.

"Also a child named Enos on the same biography. Most of this family was originally buried in the old Unity Grave Yard, but was later moved and buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Mason, Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio. No. 2 Hiram Bennett, in the full strength of his manhood, was stricken with the dread disease cholera, and died on horseback between two other men on horseback, who were supporting him as they were hastening to a physician. He was shortly to have been married, which makes his untimely death all the more pathetic."

Child 7, Ann J. was found in Probate Records (F 49507 pt 8 p468) Child 7 was not found in 1850 census.

"Nicholas Bennett, third son of William and Adria Bennett, was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, August 19th 1786. he came with his father to Ohio in 1816, and on August 8, 1816, he married Catherine Innes, who was born June 11, 1797. The marriage license of Nicholas Bennett and Catherine Bennett is a valued family relic, and is in the possession of his daughter by a later marriage - Mrs. Hannah Foster, of Effingham, Kansas. Four children were born to Nicholas and Catherine Bennett - William - Abram - Mary Lloyd and Henry Innes. After the death of his wife Catherine, Nicholas Bennett was married August 4, 1827 to Rachel Anderson, who was born June 25, 1805. To Nicholas and Rachel Bennett were born six children - Catherine, Hiram, Nancy, Adria Ann Britton, Jackson and Hannah J. Nicholas Bennett lived in Warren County, Ohio until his death, September 17th 1853."

Source: "History and Record of Nicholas Bennett Sr., Son of William Bennett and His Descendants."

Rose Hill Cemetery record says he died of a broken spine that occurred when he was thrown from a horse.

Rose Hill Cemetery records say Rachel (wife) was adopted by a family named Liston in 1807. (Subsequent research shows that her mother died when she was a small child and her father died in the War of 1812 leaving she and her siblings as orphans.)

Obituary or Rachel Anderson Bennett:

"Death of Mrs. Rachel Bennett Died February 21 , 1881, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Hannah J. Foster, in Mason, Ohio. Mrs. Rachel Bennett, aged seventy-six years, seven months and twenty-six days. The deceased was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, June 25, 1804, and came to Warren County, Ohio, when very young. She joined the M. E. Church at Beadle Station, Miami Circuit, at the age of fifteen years, and was a consistent member for sixty-one years. She was married to Nicholas Bennett August 4, 1827. In 1852, she was called to pass through the deep waters of affliction in the loss of her husband. Mrs. Bennett was a very industrious and hard working woman. Her life was characterized in doing good to others, no mater at what hour of the night or what the condition of the weather, she was always ready to go at a moments warning to relieve the suffering. Her life was also full of quiet Christian experience, and at last gave a cheerful testimony to the saving power of Christ, and expressed a willingness to go at her Master's call. Mrs. Bennett enjoyed ordinary good health until within about five weeks preceding her death. She took her bed at first by an inflamed limb, caused by falling on the icy walk. Erysipelas then set in, which, together with heart disease, baffled all medical skill. She suffered untold agonies for near two weeks when released by death.

She retained her reasoning faculties until a very few moments before she passed sweetly away while lying in the arms of three of her four living children. Aunt Rachael has washed her robe and made it white in the blood of the Lamb. The burial took place from residence on Wednesday the 23rd, lamented by children, friends and neighbors who have known her only to respect and love her."

Preface to History and Record of Nicholas Bennett Sr. Son of William Bennett and His Descendants:

"Living in and around Lebanon, Indiana, are many members of the Bennett family. September 2, 1910, they held their first reunion at the Lebanon fair ground. At this reunion were also Bennett's from many other places in Indiana, and from Kansas, Ohio and Missouri. By a unanimous vote it was decided to make the occasion an annual affair, Nicholas Bennett, of Hazelrigg, Indiana, and John M. Conyers, of Lebanon, Indiana, being elected President and Secretary. respectively, of the organization perfected. Among the items of business transacted the compiler of this little volume was appointed to look up the history of the family, and if possible, obtain a record of the descendants of our Revolutionary Period Ancestor nearly enough complete to be worth putting into print. The reason for this is obvious; love of kindred is a trait sacred to the human race, and poor indeed is a representative of any family who has no glory in his ancestors, nor cares to know something of the family of his own generation.

The Bennett family, in point of numbers, is said to stand seventh in the United States. In preparing this work, the author has had communication with many different branches of the family, it soon becoming apparent that a record of one branch would occupy a year or two of time and be very difficult to complete. So I implore that our esteemed relatives who have descended from the other sons and daughter of William Bennett Sr., will not feel that I should have included them in this work, as it was impossible to do so under existing circumstances. This little volume was in course of preparation eighteen months, and there may have been some changes in the first records given me as to births and deaths; also, for various reasons, apparent to all, there may be mistakes in this work, although every effort has been put forth to make it complete and as accurate as possible.

It is my sincere hope that this little book may be a means of bringing the many small branches and twigs of the large Nicholas Bennett branch closer together in the bonds of kinship and love; and may each of us strive to live up to the example of usefulness, industry and patriotism set us by our ancestors.


Elsie Bennett Essex"

An Appendix - Containing Some Information Concerning the Other Branches of the Family:

" In chapter 1 it was related that when William Bennett moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio in 1816, his sons, John and Abram, remained in Pennsylvania. Thus today we have many relatives in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that have descended from John and Abram Bennett.

Owing to the fact that Abram Bennett's son, Robert, married into the Nicholas Bennett branch, the writer has been able to learn something of the Abram Bennett branch from the daughter of Robert and Catherine Bennett, May Anderson, of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Abram Bennett married Sarah Huston, a native of Ireland, in the year 1811. To them were born thirteen children, three of whom died in infancy. The names of the other ten are - Robert Harvey Bennett; John Bennett of Georgetown, Cal; David Bennett of Dayton, Ohio; William Bennett, deceased; Isaac Bennett, Mary Ann Bennett Hutchinson, Agnes Bennett Lefevre, Margaret Bennett Ferguson, Elizabeth Bennett Salters and Rachel Bennett Menoher. The writer does not know the addresses of the last six named, except that of Rachel Menoher, who lives in New Florence, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. Mary Ann Hutchison has a large family, and Margaret Ferguson and Elizabeth Salters have families. Agnes Lefevre and Rachel Menoher have no descendants.

Many indeed are the descendants of the brothers and sister of Nicholas Bennett Sr., and they are found everywhere in the Union. Possibly Ohio and Pennsylvania claim the largest number of them. No doubt, all of us have met with Bennett's presumably no relation to us, who were nevertheless distant cousins, having descended from John, William, Abraham, David, Isaac or Mary Bennett. In our annual Boone County, Indiana, Bennett Reunion we have with us many of these relatives who have established their kinship with the Nicholas Bennett branch. Among these are Emerson Bennett, of Kirklin, Indiana; Hiram Bennett of Lapel, Indiana, and Mrs. Addie Ashcract of eastern Indiana. The father of these three mentioned was Isaac Bennett, who was the son of David Bennett, brother of Nicholas. David Bennett lived and died in Ohio. His son, Jackson, lives at Mason, Ohio.

We will devote no more space to these distant cousins of ours, but we assure them a hearty welcome always in our midst. We would that each branch of them would also make a family record, so that by putting the different branch records together, we would have a real "Bennett Family" record. We hope that by means of this record also that we may be able to establish and affirm kindred in many instances with those in whose veins also runs the blood of our patriotic ancestor, William Bennett, of Revolutionary Days, who came to this country in the "time that tried men's souls," and of whose position in the war that made us a free nation every Bennett has the right to be proud."

Appendix to "History and Record of Nicholas Bennett Sr., and His Descendants".