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The Ancestors of Henry Friedlander

Henry Friedlander was born in about 1813 in Germany according to census record listings of his oldest child, Rosa Clara Friedlander Logie. He married Eliza Sampson (Samson) who was born in Verdun, France which is near the German border in about 1836. They moved to Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands where Henry died. His surname indicates that he is of Jewish lineage and records have been impossible to find thus far.
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The Ancestors of Elisa Sampson (Samson)

Partial Success!! Many generations of Elisa's maternal grandmothers side have been found. The same is not true for her maternal grandfathers lineage though.

Additionally, her father has been discovered as have his parents in a storybook tale that exceeds the wildest Hollywood script.

Elisa was born in about 1815 in Verdun, France. She married Henry Friedlander and the family lived in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands where Henry died.

Elisa had a daughter, Rosa Clara in Saint Peter Port and later a son, James was born in England. Apparently, Elisa was pregnant with James when Henry died and she and Rosa moved to England hoping to find a source of income.

Elisa, Rosa and James migrated to Sydney, Australia arriving there on 11 March 184i aboard the ship, Saint Vincent. Elisa's passenger record states she was born in Verdun, France.

Elisa married a second time and moved away from Sydney, leaving Rosa there to live with the Mormon mission president and his family.

Rosa married Charles Joseph Gordon Logie and moved to Utah in the United States.

James died in 1860 in Australia at the age of 20.
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The Ancestors of William Bennett

William Bennett was born in France on 19 Apr 1742 or 1751 depending on which death record is correct. Various articles written about William and is children and grandchildren describe him as being born "in the vine covered hills of France". He married Adria (Adra) Ann Britton of Holland in 1781 in New Jersey. He served in the Revolutionary War and was as a personal guard of General Washington and was severely wounded in the Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill.
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The Ancestors of Adria (Adra) Ann Britton

Adria Ann Britton was born in Holland according to histories and various publications about her family. She married William Bennett in 1781 in New Jersey after the end of his service in the Revolutionary War.
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The Wives of Benjamin Mulford

Benjamin was born on 8 Jan 1752 in Essex Co., New Jersey. He married Anna _____ in about 1776 and had two children in New Jersey, Daniel, born 25 Jun 1778 and Hannah, born 19 Oct 1780. Anna _______ died about 1783 / 1784. Benjamin then married a second time. Intensive research has found references to Benjamin and the children of his second marriage. The name "Mary" is found as their mother in one hard to read document. The children from Benjamin's second marriage were, Joseph, born 1 May 1785, Phebe, born 16 apr 1787, Mary, born 21 Aug 1792, Jeremiah, born 31 Jul 1799 and Patience, born in 1802. We are seeking the full name of both of Benjamin's wives.
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The Ancestors of Catherine Innes

Catherine Innes, also known as "Enos" was born 16 May 1797 in Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania according to her death record. She married Nicholas Bennett on 12 Apr 1816 in Warren Co., Ohio indicating that Catherine and probably her family migrated west during or shorty after the turbulent times associated with the War of 1812. No trace of her lineage has been found to date.
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The Ancestors of Ellenora Calle (Callis)

Ellenora was born in about 1783 and lived in London, England after her marriage. She married Patrick Chalan (Callan) and had at least one child, Ellenor Chalan in 1811 in London. Ellenor married Charles Hook Gordon Logie and migrated to Australia and later to New Zealand with her family.
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The Ancestors of Thomas Cawley (Callis)

Thomas was born about 1737 in or near Parr, Prescot, Lancashire, England. He married Catherine ______ in about 1762 and had eight children: Thomas, Mary, John, Leah, Rachel, Sarah, Catherine and Ann. We are also looking for the ancestry of his wife, Catherine _____.
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The Ancestry of Patrick Chalan of London, England

Patrick Chalan, was born about 1779 and lived in London, England. He married Ellenora Calle (Callis) in approximately 1810 in London. The Chalan (Challan) surname is found in both Ireland and France. Their only known child was Ellenor Chalan who was born in 1811 in London. Ellenor married Charles Hook Gordon Logie and migrated to Australia and later New Zealand with her family.
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The Ancestors of Sarah Dean

Sarah was born in about 1752 in or near Norton, Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, England. She married John Radford on 22 Jan 1771 in Cuckney, Notts., and had at least one child, Elizabeth, who was born on 22 Oct 1793 in Cuckney.
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The Ancestry of Margrethe Jensdatter of Denmark

Margrethe was born in 1761 to Jens Jensen and ________ in Klemensker, Bornholm, Denmark. She married Hans Hansen Riis in about 1790 in Klemensker. They had two know children: Hans Hansen Riis born in 1794 in Klemensker and Else Margrethe Hansdatter Riis born in 1796 in Klemensker.
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The Ancestors of Mrs. Lucretia Lawrence

Lucretia was born about 1779 "of" Delaware, Albany, New York. Her mother was named "Kathisha". She married John Lawrence in about 1802 in New York and had three children: Edward, born 1800 in Pickering, Kitley Leeds, Ontario, Canada. John, born 21 Jun 1803 in Dutchess Co., New York and Hannah born about 1806 in Pickering, Kitley Leeds, Ontario, Canada.
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The Ancestry of Hans Hansen Riis of Denmark

Hans was born about 1764 in Klemensker, Bornholm, Denmark. He married Margrethe Jensdatter of Klemensker in about 1790 in the same town. Hans and Margrethe had two known children: Hans, born 1794 in Klemensker adn Else Margrethe Hansdatter Riis in 1796 in Klemensker.
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Who were the Parents of Dennis Warfield?

Dennis Warfield was born in Baltimore, MD and was raised by his grandparents. He later moved to northern California where he married Mary Corum Rodden. His descendant, Phil Schrimp, has found photos of his parents but after years of research cannot find their names or any other information about them. Can you help? Contact me if you know anything about them. See the record for Dennis and his parents by clicking on the link below.
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Emma Gardner Tirrell Portrait

Emma Gardner Tirrell's records have been found but an oil painting of her is owned by Natalie Tirrell who would like to place it with one of Emma's living descendants. If you are a descendant of Samuel and Emma Gardner Tirrell, click on the "Tell us what you know" link below or on the "Suggest" tab on her record to send me a note. I will put you in contact with Natalie.
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The Ancestors of Thomas Farrar

Success! Two Generations of the Farrar ancestry found. There is still much work to do yet. Thomas Farrar's parents were Eli and Elizabeth Shaw Farrar. Eli's father was David Farrar of Yorkshire, England. Nothing found on his wife or on the lineage of Elizabeth Shaw yet. Thomas came to America from London in July 1847. His brother, John, was married in Hudderfield, Yorkshire, England which give some indication of where the family lived in England. Unfortunately, the name "Farrar" in that area of Yorkshire is about as common as "Smith" farther south. Farrar family headstones in Walworth, Walworth Co., Wisconsin, include Elizabeth, wife of Eli. I suspect that Elizabeth and Eli are Thomas' parents and that she came to America later than her two sons. Thomas' son was named "Thomas Eli" which lends credence to that supposition.
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 Mystery Photos

Effie Huggard, Mildred Wanlass and unknown friends 1925 - Utah

Who are these young ladies? L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Effie Huggard, Edna Wright, Alice Wright, Mildred Otteson Wanlass.
Earl Foster and Unknown young man - 1923 - American Fork, Utah

L-R: Unknown young man and Earl Foster in 1923 in Utah. Who is the Unknown young man?
Unknown Mother and Children

Photo taken in Utah County, Utah sometime during the 1910's. Who are they?
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Mary Matney Sager - Need Information About Photo

Handwriting on the back of this photo says Mary Sager, July 4th, American Fork, Utah. It appears that Mary and the four little girls with her in the photo were taking part in a city or church pageant or play. Does anyone have any other information to add to the setting and folks involved in the play? Mary's descendant, Lisa, would like to hear from you. mailto:
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