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Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.99022, Longitude: -70.9754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ames, John  14 Apr 1672Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860821 7_families 
2 Atkins, Abigail  1655Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9880005 7_families 
3 Basset, Mary Winslow  26 Aug 1812Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1181 7_families 
4 Bowden, Mary  1670Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860820 7_families 
5 Bryant, Mary  28 May 1808Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I21786440 7_families 
6 Bryant, Samuel  1773Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I21786383 7_families 
7 Cary, Aaron  6 Apr 1751Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242060 7_families 
8 Cary, Mary  13 Nov 1785Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57660751 7_families 
9 Churchill, John  14 Nov 1731Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I21929300 7_families 
10 Cushing, Christopher C.  Abt 1831Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241737 7_families 
11 Dawes, Jonathan  1780Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6880 7_families 
12 Dawes, Robert  13 Jun 1747Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6876 7_families 
13 Dawes, Susannah  19 Jan 1768Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6879 7_families 
14 Downing, Sally  1779Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I21786384 7_families 
15 Driggs, Ann Maria  7 Sep 1810Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50114124 7_families 
16 Hayward, Susan Maria  1834Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I47223162 7_families 
17 Howard, James  1663-1664Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1815391 7_families 
18 Howard, James  26 Jan 1689Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1812735 7_families 
19 Jacob, Seth  6 Mar 1720Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89466667 7_families 
20 Jenkins, Margaret Jane  8 Apr 1844Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14813 7_families 
21 Keith, Henry Dean  1872Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I76459237 7_families 
22 Latham, Elizabeth  Abt 1665Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I54383401 7_families 
23 Latham, Hannah  1655Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860816 7_families 
24 Leonard, Amelia  17 Mar 1830Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I49165047 7_families 
25 Leonard, Sarah  Abt 1684Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860815 7_families 
26 Lowe, Annie Jackson  26 Aug 1861Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876814 7_families 
27 Lowe, Elisabeth C.  1866Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876815 7_families 
28 Lowe, Emma B.  1859Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876813 7_families 
29 Lowe, Gustavus  1857Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876812 7_families 
30 Lowe, Henry H.  1872Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876817 7_families 
31 Lowe, Samuel G.  1868Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876816 7_families 
32 Mehurin, Benjamin  24 Oct 1811Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027835 7_families 
33 Mehurin, Bethia  23 Feb 1817Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027837 7_families 
34 Mehurin, Josiah  9 Oct 1772Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027358 7_families 
35 Mehurin, Lucy  14 Sep 1814Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027836 7_families 
36 Mehurin, Melvin  10 Aug 1807Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027833 7_families 
37 Mehurin, Nahum  6 Mar 1800Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027830 7_families 
38 Mehurin, Rhoda  10 Jul 1804Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027832 7_families 
39 Mehurin, Ruth  26 Feb 1802Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027831 7_families 
40 Mehurin, Seth  16 Sep 1809Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I49842988 7_families 
41 Mehurin, Seth  16 Sep 1809Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027834 7_families 
42 Mitchell, Elizabeth  1628Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9857602 7_families 
43 Mitchell, Hannah  1644Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9946425 7_families 
44 Mitchell, Hannah  1644Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17977986 7_families 
45 Mitchell, Sarah  1640Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9950111 7_families 
46 Mitchell, Sarah  1640Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17981672 7_families 
47 Morse, Abigail Thomas  Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I56434223 7_families 
48 Morse, Caroline Putnam  1 Sep 1815Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I56622712 7_families 
49 Morse, Elisha Wilson  20 Apr 1866Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242594 7_families 
50 Packard, Deborah  1656Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9880006 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jenkins, Abby Elizabeth  31 May 1848Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14815 7_families 
2 Jenkins, Mary Jane  31 May 1848Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14814 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ames, John  1 Jan 1756Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860821 7_families 
2 Atwood, Annie Cora  28 Apr 1894Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241624 7_families 
3 Atwood, Jacob  27 Jan 1900Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22241598 7_families 
4 Bowden, Mary  18 Dec 1747Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860820 7_families 
5 Bryant, Ichabod  22 Nov 1759Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I21757378 7_families 
6 Cooke, Jane  Abt 1650Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3621884 7_families 
7 Covington, Betsey  21 Dec 1817Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I12050798 7_families 
8 Dunham, Charles Atwood  16 Dec 1884Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57666904 7_families 
9 Durkee, Alonzo Willard  2 Feb 1975Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I74883809 7_families 
10 Getchell, Arthur John  1911Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I81240 7_families 
11 Hayward, Thomas  1681Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17974772 7_families 
12 Jackson, Marcia Elizabeth  20 Jan 1873Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57876811 7_families 
13 Jenkins, Robert Oliver  21 Jul 1848Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14811 7_families 
14 Lapham, Rebekah  1717Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860814 7_families 
15 Leonard, Isaac  10 Dec 1717Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6165001 7_families 
16 Mehurin, Josiah  Feb 1846Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027358 7_families 
17 Mehurin, Ruth  5 Dec 1827Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50027831 7_families 
18 Orcutt, William  10 Apr 1739Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860819 7_families 
19 Pierce, Patience Burgess  Abt May 1847Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I50015480 7_families 
20 Sampson, Mercy  Jan 1820Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I90009986 7_families 
21 Sealy, Edward  Bef 17 Apr 1699Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9880064 7_families 
22 Shaw, Susannah  21 Aug 1698Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I677638 7_families 
23 Washbourne, John  1670Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860784 7_families 
24 Washburn, James  11 Jun 1749Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860799 7_families 
25 Washburn, Jane  Bef 21 Sep 1698Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860797 7_families 
26 Washburn, John  1719Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860791 7_families 
27 Washburn, Jonathan  1720Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860796 7_families 
28 Washburn, Joseph  20 Apr 1733Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860793 7_families 
29 Washburn, Lucy  18 Apr 1766Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9690826 7_families 
30 Washburn, Samuel  24 Mar 1720Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860794 7_families 
31 Washburn, Sarah  1746Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860798 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shaw, Susannah  21 Aug 1698Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts I677638 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Atwood  17 Mar 1795Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F19305101 7_families 
2 Ames / Washburn  12 Jan 1697Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142603 7_families 
3 Ames / Willis  Abt 1671Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1903031 7_families 
4 Bryant / Downing  3 Sep 1800Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7103884 7_families 
5 Drew / Harris  16 Aug 1739Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F300 7_families 
6 Drew / Lewis  24 Nov 1839Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F49577 7_families 
7 Dunham / Cary  Nov 1808Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F19325639 7_families 
8 Hayden / Tirrell  17 Oct 1815Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3617 7_families 
9 Howard / Hayward  Abt 1661Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5855041 7_families 
10 Jenkins / Tirrell  28 Apr 1842Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3967 7_families 
11 Latham / Winslow  1649Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F18218259 7_families 
12 Morse / Mehurin  13 May 1827Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F16740523 7_families 
13 Morton / Morton  4 Apr 1767Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3131270 7_families 
14 Morton / Washburn  13 Sep 1757Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3131269 7_families 
15 Orcutt / Washburn  1690Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142602 7_families 
16 Ramsdell / Tirrell  28 Jan 1783Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F935 7_families 
17 Sealy / Washburn  1692Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3141314 7_families 
18 Tirrell / Dunbar  24 Nov 1853Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3904 7_families 
19 Tirrell / Hersey  27 Apr 1709Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F780 7_families 
20 Tirrell / Macomber  12 Jul 1836Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3962 7_families 
21 Tirrell / Thompson  4 Aug 1774Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F878 7_families 
22 Warren / Leonard  21 Sep 1772Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5280881 7_families 
23 Warren / Tirrell  5 Apr 1840Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3961 7_families 
24 Washburn / Atkins  24 Jul 1711Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142597 7_families 
25 Washburn / Bowden  20 Dec 1693Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142604 7_families 
26 Washburn / Lapham  16 Apr 1679Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142594 7_families 
27 Washburn / Latham  1677Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142598 7_families 
28 Washburn / Leonard  28 Jul 1708Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142596 7_families 
29 Washburn / Packard  1677Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3142599 7_families