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Broadhembury, Devonshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drewe, Bridget  Abt 1624Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58988 7_families 
2 Drewe, Edward  3 Nov 1629Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I75821 7_families 
3 Drewe, Edward  Abt 1642Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I59007 7_families 
4 Drewe, Elizabeth  Abt 1626Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58990 7_families 
5 Drewe, Elizabeth  Abt 1663Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58998 7_families 
6 Drewe, Francis  Abt 1632Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58993 7_families 
7 Drewe, Francis  1673Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I59010 7_families 
8 Drewe, Francis  1712Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I59025 7_families 
9 Drewe, Jane  Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15632 7_families 
10 Drewe, Margaret  Abt 1628Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58991 7_families 
11 Drewe, Margaret  Abt 1664Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I59000 7_families 
12 Drewe, Miss  Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I59013 7_families 
13 Drewe, Richard  Abt 1618Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58981 7_families 
14 Drewe, Robert  Abt 1616Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I55532 7_families 
15 Drewe, Thomas  1635Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58995 7_families 
16 Drewe, William  Abt 1629Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58992 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drewe, Anne  10 Mar 1616Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15633 7_families 
2 Drewe, Francis  16 Dec 1604Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15628 7_families 
3 Drewe, Jane  24 Feb 1611Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15632 7_families 
4 Drewe, Susanna  1612-1613Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58976 7_families 
5 Drewe, Susanna  9 Jun 1613Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58977 7_families 
6 Drewe, Susanna  4 Oct 1614Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58978 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drewe, Edward  8 Jun 1636Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I10075 7_families 
2 Drewe, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1621Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15629 7_families 
3 Drewe, Frances  16 Apr 1633Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I10072 7_families 
4 Drewe, Susanna  9 Apr 1613Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58976 7_families 
5 Drewe, Susanna  Bef 4 Oct 1614Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58977 7_families 
6 Drewe, Susanna  6 Oct 1614Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58978 7_families 
7 Drewe, Thomas  Aug 1707Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58995 7_families 
8 Drewe, William  Mar 1637Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58992 7_families 
9 Prideaux, Margaret  May 1695Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58996 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davie, Mary  22 Feb 1730Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I59011 7_families 
2 Drewe, Edward  6 Apr 1630Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I75821 7_families 
3 Drewe, Francis  27 Dec 1675Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15628 7_families 
4 Drewe, Susanna  25 Mar 1672Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58986 7_families 
5 Drewe, Thomas  15 Jul 1651Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I10069 7_families 
6 Drewe, Thomas  11 Aug 1707Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58995 7_families 
7 Drewe, William  6 Mar 1637Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58992 7_families 
8 Drewe, William  18 Dec 1654Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15627 7_families 
9 Moore, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1635Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I15623 7_families 
10 Prideaux, Margaret  24 May 1695Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58996 7_families 
11 Walrond, Mary  14 Sep 1699Broadhembury, Devonshire, England I58982 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beare / Drewe  3 Oct 1626Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F7107 7_families 
2 Bragg / Drewe  11 Jun 1663Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F23243 7_families 
3 Chichester / Drewe  15 Apr 1684Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F23249 7_families 
4 Davie / Drewe  27 Jul 1664Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F23244 7_families 
5 Ducke / Drewe  15 Sep 1627Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F7108 7_families 
6 Fulford / Drewe  26 Oct 1671Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F23245 7_families 
7 Kelland / Drewe  30 Oct 1684Broadhembury, Devonshire, England F23250 7_families