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Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.88271, Longitude: -70.76505


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bisbee, Jane  4 Sep 1799Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86903 Burgess 
2 Burbank, Bernice Osborn  30 Aug 1894Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I184438 Burgess 
3 Burbank, Esther Augusta  19 Mar 1891Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I184431 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Charles Thomas  17 Jan 1807Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130374 Burgess 
5 Burgess, Lancelot Wing  1 Feb 1803Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130352 Burgess 
6 Burgess, Sally Sherman  2 Oct 1804Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130353 Burgess 
7 Cobb, Gustavus L.  25 May 1859Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I193953 Burgess 
8 Cobb, John Mason  7 Nov 1844Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I193951 Burgess 
9 Cole, Frank Harrison  6 Sep 1889Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169827 Burgess 
10 Cole, Helen Jeannette  16 Sep 1915Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I182699 Burgess 
11 Cole, Theron M.  13 Oct 1843Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169825 Burgess 
12 Douglas, Frank Clement  11 Nov 1875Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175363 Burgess 
13 Dunham, Lucy Lucas  4 Jun 1830Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98850 Burgess 
14 Faunce, Edwin Herbert  21 Aug 1848Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124131 Burgess 
15 Goddard, Hayman M. D.  1770Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I174096 Burgess 
16 Hammond, Lydia Maria  10 Sep 1834Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70821 Burgess 
17 Harlow, William Jackson  9 Mar 1816Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98927 Burgess 
18 Lucas, Ruby Fuller  25 Aug 1812Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175403 Burgess 
19 Muxham, Anna  18 Feb 1775Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I132724 Burgess 
20 Robbins, Abigail B.  27 Oct 1836Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86901 Burgess 
21 Robbins, Alfred B.  1836Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101471 Burgess 
22 Robbins, Anna T.  2 Aug 1832Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86900 Burgess 
23 Robbins, Annie H.  14 Sep 1863Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169824 Burgess 
24 Robbins, Benjamin Whitmore (Twin)  12 Aug 1835Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70820 Burgess 
25 Robbins, Chandler  26 Feb 1801Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70819 Burgess 
26 Robbins, Chandler  7 Jan 1824Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86891 Burgess 
27 Robbins, Ephraim  19 Sep 1842Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86902 Burgess 
28 Robbins, Evelyn Florence  15 May 1875Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70822 Burgess 
29 Robbins, Hannah Bartlett  12 Jun 1837Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86895 Burgess 
30 Robbins, Henry Howard  19 Apr 1899Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I182705 Burgess 
31 Robbins, John Sprague  7 Jul 1832Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86893 Burgess 
32 Robbins, John Sprague  29 Mar 1865Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169830 Burgess 
33 Robbins, Joseph  5 Mar 1796Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86896 Burgess 
34 Robbins, Joseph Sampson (Twin)  12 Aug 1835Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86894 Burgess 
35 Robbins, Josiah Payson  7 May 1829Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101455 Burgess 
36 Robbins, Lucian T.  25 Apr 1870Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I182701 Burgess 
37 Robbins, Maurice F.  19 Apr 1879Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I182702 Burgess 
38 Robbins, Patience L.  4 Nov 1823Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86897 Burgess 
39 Robbins, Rebekah L.  1874Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131041 Burgess 
40 Robbins, Sarah B.  9 Sep 1821Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86898 Burgess 
41 Robbins, Sarah B.  18 Dec 1825Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86892 Burgess 
42 Robbins, Sarah B.  18 Mar 1830Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101469 Burgess 
43 Sherman, Rufus  Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I154081 Burgess 
44 Stringer, Florence Evylin  22 Oct 1897Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I192143 Burgess 
45 Thomas, Rebecca M.  6 Apr 1837Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131436 Burgess 
46 Williams, Bathsheba K.  2 Aug 1824Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101466 Burgess 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Braley, Gail E.  29 Sep 1975Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191735 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Allen  29 Oct 1886Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I103796 Burgess 
3 Robbins, Annie H.  11 Nov 1896Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169824 Burgess 
4 Robbins, Benjamin Whitmore (Twin)  25 Mar 1912Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70820 Burgess 
5 Robbins, Chandler  15 Aug 1887Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70819 Burgess 
6 Robbins, Chandler  27 Mar 1895Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86891 Burgess 
7 Robbins, Patience L.  3 Nov 1842Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86897 Burgess 
8 Robbins, Sarah B.  13 Oct 1824Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86898 Burgess 
9 Robbins, Sarah B.  20 Mar 1828Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86892 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Robbins, Annie H.  Nov 1896Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169824 Burgess 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Clarence  1920Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130887 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Harvey C.  1920Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130886 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Harvey C.  1930Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130886 Burgess 
4 Burgess, John S.  1920Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130884 Burgess 
5 Burgess, John S.  1930Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130884 Burgess 
6 Burgess, Mrs. Gladys  1930Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130888 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Mrs. Grace H.  1920Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130885 Burgess 
8 Burgess, Mrs. Grace H.  1930Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130885 Burgess 
9 Cole, Annie Hammond  1900Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169829 Burgess 
10 Cole, Elsie Louise  1900Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169828 Burgess 
11 Cole, Frank Harrison  1900Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169827 Burgess 
12 Cole, Philip Stanley  1900Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169826 Burgess 
13 Cole, Theron M.  1900Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I169825 Burgess 
14 Pratt, Ruby A.  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131040 Burgess 
15 Robbins, Chandler  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86891 Burgess 
16 Robbins, Chandler  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70819 Burgess 
17 Robbins, Ephraim  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86902 Burgess 
18 Robbins, Frank B.  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124123 Burgess 
19 Robbins, Maurice F.  1920Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I182702 Burgess 
20 Robbins, Rebekah L.  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131041 Burgess 
21 Williams, Bathsheba K.  1880Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101466 Burgess 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Burgess / Adams  18 Nov 1931Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F211541 Burgess 
2 Burgess / Bisbee  15 Mar 1832Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1193 Burgess 
3 Burgess / Sherman  20 Jul 1800Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F38060 Burgess 
4 Burgess / Thomas  16 Apr 1857Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47590 Burgess 
5 Cole / Robbins  22 Oct 1885Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F61522 Burgess 
6 Dickson / Lucas  6 Jan 1833Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63881 Burgess 
7 Faunce / Carver  2 Jun 1793Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F56131 Burgess 
8 Leland / Sampson  26 Feb 1899Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67329 Burgess 
9 Robbins / Burgess  5 Dec 1822Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1191 Burgess 
10 Robbins / Hammond  9 Apr 1862Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F27704 Burgess 
11 Robbins / Williams  7 May 1848Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37286 Burgess 
12 Sampson / Burbank  27 Nov 1902Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36502 Burgess 
13 Sears / Burbank  30 Jun 1912Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67307 Burgess 
14 Tilden / Robbins  17 Jun 1903Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F27705 Burgess 
15 Wood / Burbank  28 Jun 1909Carver, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67306 Burgess