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Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.67714, Longitude: -69.9642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Abisha Nickerson  16 Aug 1814Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119682 7_families 
2 Atwood, Anna Mariah  9 Nov 1826Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119692 7_families 
3 Atwood, Azubah Collins  18 Oct 1806Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119635 7_families 
4 Atwood, Azubah Collins  27 Jun 1817Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119639 7_families 
5 Atwood, Bethiah  3 Feb 1744Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119615 7_families 
6 Atwood, Charles E.  Abt 1843Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119685 7_families 
7 Atwood, Charles R.  17 Jul 1852Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119654 7_families 
8 Atwood, David  29 Aug 1787Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119631 7_families 
9 Atwood, David G.  16 Feb 1819Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119689 7_families 
10 Atwood, Esther G.  22 Jul 1821Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119690 7_families 
11 Atwood, George Smith  1 Sep 1835Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119651 7_families 
12 Atwood, George Smith  Jul 1865Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119673 7_families 
13 Atwood, Hannah Crowell  14 Feb 1826Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119642 7_families 
14 Atwood, Henrietta C.  18 Jan 1835Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119710 7_families 
15 Atwood, Irena O.  13 Apr 1859Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119687 7_families 
16 Atwood, Isaac Bea  23 Oct 1829Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119693 7_families 
17 Atwood, James  4 Feb 1801Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119634 7_families 
18 Atwood, James  15 Dec 1832Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119709 7_families 
19 Atwood, John  20 Aug 1789Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119632 7_families 
20 Atwood, Joseph  Abt 1749Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119721 7_families 
21 Atwood, Joseph  25 May 1752Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119619 7_families 
22 Atwood, Joseph  25 Sep 1783Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119629 7_families 
23 Atwood, Joseph  13 May 1823Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119641 7_families 
24 Atwood, Joshua Sears  23 Jul 1829Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119708 7_families 
25 Atwood, Laura S.  13 Sep 1856Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119664 7_families 
26 Atwood, Levi  25 Mar 1824Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119649 7_families 
27 Atwood, Levi Sidney  21 Jun 1862Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119665 7_families 
28 Atwood, Lizzie C.  18 Mar 1866Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119656 7_families 
29 Atwood, Lucy Smith  9 Mar 1828Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119650 7_families 
30 Atwood, Lucy Smith  22 May 1853Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119662 7_families 
31 Atwood, Maria Azubah  18 Jun 1826Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119706 7_families 
32 Atwood, Mary  20 Apr 1817Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119647 7_families 
33 Atwood, Nellie Florence  19 Oct 1867Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119674 7_families 
34 Atwood, Nina M.  Abt 1854Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119644 7_families 
35 Atwood, Patia Howes  12 Apr 1815Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119638 7_families 
36 Atwood, Phebe  25 Jun 1751Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119618 7_families 
37 Atwood, Polly  27 Mar 1821Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119640 7_families 
38 Atwood, Polly Nickerson  28 Jul 1816Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119683 7_families 
39 Atwood, Rebecca  5 Jun 1824Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119691 7_families 
40 Atwood, Rebecca Howes  15 Jun 1813Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119637 7_families 
41 Atwood, Reliance Crowell  9 Apr 1827Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119707 7_families 
42 Atwood, Reliance Crowell  9 Apr 1827Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I76177395 7_families 
43 Atwood, Rodolphus  22 Feb 1851Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119661 7_families 
44 Atwood, Samuel Monson  11 Oct 1834Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119703 7_families 
45 Atwood, Sarah Sears  5 May 1754Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119620 7_families 
46 Atwood, Sears  31 Mar 1792Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119633 7_families 
47 Atwood, Sears  20 Nov 1815Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119646 7_families 
48 Atwood, Solomon  6 Aug 1785Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119630 7_families 
49 Atwood, Solomon C.  26 Nov 1841Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119653 7_families 
50 Atwood, Solomon Collins  15 May 1819Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119648 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Abisha Nickerson  11 Oct 1871Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119682 7_families 
2 Atwood, Azubah Collins  11 Jan 1818Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119639 7_families 
3 Atwood, David  4 Jul 1853Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119631 7_families 
4 Atwood, David G.  14 Jul 1836Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119689 7_families 
5 Atwood, John  30 Jan 1864Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119632 7_families 
6 Atwood, Joseph  21 Dec 1856Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119629 7_families 
7 Atwood, Lucy Smith  8 Oct 1841Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119650 7_families 
8 Atwood, Nellie Florence  25 Sep 1932Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119674 7_families 
9 Atwood, Rodolphus  5 Apr 1852Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119661 7_families 
10 Atwood, Mrs. Saloma  21 Feb 1848Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119684 7_families 
11 Atwood, Samuel Monson  2 Aug 1903Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119703 7_families 
12 Atwood, Solomon  26 May 1848Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119630 7_families 
13 Atwood, Solomon Collins  22 Feb 1821Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119648 7_families 
14 Collins, Azubah  10 Nov 1832Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119628 7_families 
15 Drew, William LeRoy  31 Aug 1921Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I56030354 7_families 
16 Ellis, John  19 Oct 1712Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I725606 7_families 
17 Harding, Elizabeth M.  17 Feb 1872Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119655 7_families 
18 Hatch, Peebe Mason  18 Jan 1890Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119660 7_families 
19 Rogers, Lina B.  11 Jul 1905Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119676 7_families 
20 Smith, Idella M.  24 Sep 1903Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119667 7_families 
21 Smith, Lucy  29 Oct 1868Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119645 7_families 
22 Smith, Margery  5 Oct 1888Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119702 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, David  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119616 7_families 
2 Atwood, Joseph Captain  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119454 7_families 
3 Atwood, Joseph  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119619 7_families 
4 Atwood, Nellie Florence  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119674 7_families 
5 Atwood, Samuel Monson  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119703 7_families 
6 Atwood, Sears  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119633 7_families 
7 Ellis, John  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I725606 7_families 
8 Nickerson, Polly  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119681 7_families 
9 Rogers, Lina B.  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119676 7_families 
10 Salmon, Sarah  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40118982 7_families 
11 Sears, Deborah  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119614 7_families 
12 Smith, Idella M.  Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts I40119667 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Adams  16 Feb 1854Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326855 7_families 
2 Atwood / Collins  31 Oct 1782Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326847 7_families 
3 Atwood / Godfrey  10 May 1818Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326852 7_families 
4 Atwood / Harding  31 Dec 1840Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326856 7_families 
5 Atwood / Harding  29 Dec 1864Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326860 7_families 
6 Atwood / Holbrook  25 Dec 1860Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326859 7_families 
7 Atwood / Nickerson  31 Oct 1813Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326851 7_families 
8 Atwood / Nickerson  31 Dec 1874Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326861 7_families 
9 Atwood / Smith  8 Dec 1814Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326850 7_families 
10 Cushman / Atwood  26 May 1783Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326846 7_families 
11 Davis / Atwood  27 Aug 1851Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F13326870 7_families 
12 Starr / Harris  1639Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts F1913865 7_families