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Chicago, Cook, Illinois


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.850033, Longitude: -87.6500523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Maude  7 Jul 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14392192 7_families 
2 Anderson, Ruth Gladys  09 Jul 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4964913 7_families 
3 Atwood, Alice Cora  15 Oct 1854Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242225 7_families 
4 Atwood, Burton Homer  29 Oct 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242215 7_families 
5 Atwood, Wallace Walter  1 Oct 1872Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242214 7_families 
6 Beardsley, Robert Forbes Winslow  18 Jun 1868Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364538 7_families 
7 Beers, Clara Ida  Aug 1855Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242369 7_families 
8 Blake, Mabel Clara  22 Dec 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56622758 7_families 
9 Blue, Yvonne  9 May 1911Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814551 7_families 
10 Bradley, Harriet Towle  2 Apr 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242217 7_families 
11 Burgess, Kenneth Farwell  16 Jul 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388934 7_families 
12 Burrows, Elizabeth Ellen  28 Sep 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814479 7_families 
13 Caddock, Raymond  12 Jun 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I59595 7_families 
14 Childs, Clara Edith  30 Mar 1881Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242370 7_families 
15 Childs, Madeleine Trowbridge  31 Aug 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242371 7_families 
16 Clayton, Camilla Belle  12 Aug 1881Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364552 7_families 
17 Clayton, Robert F. Winslow  16 Jun 1874Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364551 7_families 
18 Coghlan, Son  13 Feb 1939Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56711697 7_families 
19 David, Geraldine  6 Dec 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388933 7_families 
20 David, Hazel Geraldine  6 Dec 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16377430 7_families 
21 Davis, Lauretta Camille  23 Mar 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481076 7_families 
22 Deacon, Dorothy Winslow  16 Nov 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364561 7_families 
23 Farrar, Florence  23 Nov 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4324263 7_families 
24 French, Anna Sarah  21 Nov 1858Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755348 7_families 
25 French, Ellie S.  1859Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755349 7_families 
26 French, Henry Dearborn  23 Apr 1863Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36686091 7_families 
27 French, Mary Thorpe  2 Apr 1857Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755347 7_families 
28 Goggin, William Michael  12 Oct 1860Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481066 7_families 
29 Goggin, William Noble  20 Mar 1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481069 7_families 
30 Goggin, William Noble  15 Jan 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678893 7_families 
31 Henson, Sheila Anne  18 Nov 1948Chicago, Cook, Illinois I84605 7_families 
32 Holt, Marcia Louise  27 Feb 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106698 7_families 
33 Lincoln, Abraham  14 Aug 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24182194 7_families 
34 Lincoln, Jesse Harlen  6 Nov 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24182185 7_families 
35 Mulford, Edward Mortimer  12 Jul 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678885 7_families 
36 Mulford, Frances Marion  1904Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678888 7_families 
37 Mulford, Hilliard Nelson  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678886 7_families 
38 Mulford, Margery S.  1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678884 7_families 
39 Mulford, Ruth  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678887 7_families 
40 Nichols, James D.  1845Chicago, Cook, Illinois I63726439 7_families 
41 Ray, William Augustus  Abt 1839Chicago, Cook, Illinois I63726426 7_families 
42 Reynolds, Dorothy Catherine  23 Jun 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79622 7_families 
43 Shipley, Frederick Cary  1 Feb 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I92261211 7_families 
44 Stull, Grace Harriet  27 Jan 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814476 7_families 
45 Thompson, Julia  10 Jun 1888Chicago, Cook, Illinois I122780 7_families 
46 Vosburgh, Catherine Sarah  22 Aug 1867Chicago, Cook, Illinois I65323141 7_families 
47 Vosburgh, Percy Phillips  24 Sep 1865Chicago, Cook, Illinois I65323140 7_families 
48 Walston, Clifford Matheny  Abt 1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481107 7_families 
49 Walston, Jason  Abt 1884Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481109 7_families 
50 Wille, Wallace Willard  28 May 1914Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106679 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Amos  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I21097823 7_families 
2 Atwood, Albert Eugene  11 Aug 1952Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106390 7_families 
3 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  25 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22241426 7_families 
4 Atwood, Mary Catherine  8 Apr 1895Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242202 7_families 
5 Bennett, Addie D.  1 Apr 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois I66833509 7_families 
6 Burch, Besse Beatrice  20 Feb 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242165 7_families 
7 Burgess, Charles Frederick Ph.D.  13 Feb 1945Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388797 7_families 
8 Burgess, Kenneth Farwell LL.B.  24 May 1965Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388799 7_families 
9 Childs, Clara Edith  Sep 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242370 7_families 
10 Clayton, Robert F. Winslow  30 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364551 7_families 
11 Clifford, Sarah Melvina  29 Nov 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755346 7_families 
12 Coghlan, Son  13 Feb 1939Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56711697 7_families 
13 Draper, Harriette  1 Nov 1859Chicago, Cook, Illinois I35231051 7_families 
14 Ellis, Susan  10 Apr 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15349536 7_families 
15 Goggin, William Michael  7 Jul 1932Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481066 7_families 
16 Goggin, William Noble  30 Apr 1955Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481069 7_families 
17 Guernsey, Adeline  9 Aug 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I17127516 7_families 
18 Harris, Zelpha  21 May 1968Chicago, Cook, Illinois I38298127 7_families 
19 Hunting, C Fred  2 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79645 7_families 
20 Hunting, Matilda L  21 Oct 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79634 7_families 
21 Hunting, Moses Solomon  11 Nov 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79642 7_families 
22 Jones, Anna Maria  11 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15349632 7_families 
23 Lathrop, Caroline Susan  9 Aug 1909Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15349543 7_families 
24 Lincoln, Thomas "Tad"  14 Jul 1871Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24182246 7_families 
25 Loggie, Constance Fayle  1925-1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I18242 7_families 
26 Loggie, Margery Margaret  1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois I18236 7_families 
27 Miller, William  Aft 1925Chicago, Cook, Illinois I18282 7_families 
28 Morse, Henry Eugene  1866Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56622744 7_families 
29 Morse, Ruth Lamira  23 Feb 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56622713 7_families 
30 Mulford, Edgar Theodore  23 Feb 1950Chicago, Cook, Illinois I72549 7_families 
31 Noble, Vennellia Jane  30 May 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481063 7_families 
32 Reynolds, Mark H  14 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79633 7_families 
33 Stensby, Elenor Delores  2 Nov 1986Chicago, Cook, Illinois I38334900 7_families 
34 Winslow, Harriet Newell  31 Dec 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364525 7_families 
35 Winslow, Isabella Holt  19 May 1933Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364526 7_families 
36 Winslow, John Pitard  27 Apr 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364518 7_families 
37 Winslow, Sumner Mandeville  15 Jun 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364523 7_families 
38 Winslow, Susan Dusenberry  14 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364520 7_families 
39 Wise, Joseph Albert  Apr 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois I72275 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reynolds, Mark H  16 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79633 7_families 
2 Winslow, John Pitard  28 Apr 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364518 7_families 
3 Winslow, Sumner Mandeville  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364523 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I61907377 7_families 
2 Beall, Norman E.  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106403 7_families 
3 Blue, Robert Bruce M.D.  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814467 7_families 
4 Blue, Robert Bruce M.D.  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814467 7_families 
5 Blue, Yvonne  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814551 7_families 
6 Blue, Yvonne  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814551 7_families 
7 Coghlan, Malachy John  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481077 7_families 
8 Cover, Lucien  1870Chicago, Cook, Illinois I94390282 7_families 
9 Goggin, Eleanor Rose  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481075 7_families 
10 McBride, Paul Jennings  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I83524293 7_families 
11 McBride, Paul Jennings  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois I83524293 7_families 
12 Read, Harriet  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814548 7_families 
13 Read, Harriet  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814548 7_families 
14 Snow, Grace Melvina  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1547 7_families 
15 Snow, Grace Melvina  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1547 7_families 
16 Thornton, Harold Irvine  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31837119 7_families 
17 Thornton, Mrs. Lillian  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31837132 7_families 
18 Tribble, Arthur Lee  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126000 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lyman, William Cullen M.D.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16381829 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tribble, Arthur Lee  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126000 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Quinn  1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois F16 7_families 
2 Atwood / Bradley  22 Sep 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248290 7_families 
3 Atwood / FitzGerald  3 Jun 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7247988 7_families 
4 Atwood / Last  14 Jun 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248262 7_families 
5 Atwood / Stevenson  20 Oct 1903Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248291 7_families 
6 Beall / Atwood  31 Aug 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois F30374319 7_families 
7 Beckwith / Lincoln  10 Nov 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7820077 7_families 
8 Childs / Beers  30 Jan 1876Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248346 7_families 
9 Deacon / Clayton  3 Mar 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211022 7_families 
10 Goggin / Noble  20 Jan 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois F4633847 7_families 
11 Gustin / Hall  23 Nov 1927Chicago, Cook, Illinois F28012 7_families 
12 Heckendorn / Reynolds  16 Oct 1937Chicago, Cook, Illinois F30400 7_families 
13 Holmes / Duvall  Chicago, Cook, Illinois F3498 7_families 
14 Markham / Dana  17 May 1876Chicago, Cook, Illinois F21557961 7_families 
15 Marquardt / Atwood  Jan 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248343 7_families 
16 Morgan / Winslow  9 Oct 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211015 7_families 
17 Myers /   Oct 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois F29264187 7_families 
18 Pitt / Atwood  29 Oct 1855Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248288 7_families 
19 Sternberg / Holloway  18 Oct 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois F12739237 7_families 
20 Thomas / Winslow  14 Feb 1874Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211018 7_families 
21 Tirrell / Butler  14 Sep 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7221 7_families 
22 Tirrell / Herlihy  Sep 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois F31037 7_families 
23 Tyrrell / Webb  30 Jun 1909Chicago, Cook, Illinois F6386 7_families 
24 Weise / Atwood  22 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248289 7_families 
25 Winslow / Bristoe  1 Jan 1876Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211009 7_families 
26 Winslow / Wagner  3 Apr 1865Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211014 7_families 
27 Witt / Meldrum  26 Oct 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois F14763696 7_families