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Clutton, Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Martha  Abt 1774Clutton, Somerset, England I6169309 7_families 
2 Gover, Charles  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169300 7_families 
3 Gover, Elijah  Abt 1808Clutton, Somerset, England I6169320 7_families 
4 Gover, Emma  4 Nov 1841Clutton, Somerset, England I6169306 7_families 
5 Gover, Joseph  Abt 1812Clutton, Somerset, England I6169322 7_families 
6 Gover, Keziah  Abt Feb 1819Clutton, Somerset, England I6169328 7_families 
7 Gover, Morris  6 Nov 1827Clutton, Somerset, England I6169213 7_families 
8 Gover, Robert  19 Dec 1845Clutton, Somerset, England I6169307 7_families 
9 Gover, Rose  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169303 7_families 
10 Goverd, Charles  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169308 7_families 
11 Goverd, Elizabeth  Abt 1749Clutton, Somerset, England I6169333 7_families 
12 Goverd, John  Abt 1745Clutton, Somerset, England I6169330 7_families 
13 Parfitt, Ann  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169397 7_families 
14 Parfitt, John  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169398 7_families 
15 Rogers, Elizabeth  Abt 1690Clutton, Somerset, England I6169387 7_families 
16 Rogers, John  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169380 7_families 
17 Rogers, Josiah  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169368 7_families 
18 Tucker, Emily  3 Mar 1849Clutton, Somerset, England I6169366 7_families 
19 Tucker, Emma  1837Clutton, Somerset, England I6169361 7_families 
20 Tucker, John T.  1833Clutton, Somerset, England I6169357 7_families 
21 Tucker, Martha  1839Clutton, Somerset, England I6169363 7_families 
22 Tucker, Sarah  14 Jul 1827Clutton, Somerset, England I6169214 7_families 
23 Tucker, William  24 Jul 1826Clutton, Somerset, England I6169356 7_families 
24 Tucker, William  1835Clutton, Somerset, England I6169359 7_families 
25 Wall, Lydia  Clutton, Somerset, England I6169370 7_families 


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Martha  20 Oct 1776Clutton, Somerset, England I6169309 7_families 
2 Gover, Ann  28 Nov 1824Clutton, Somerset, England I6169302 7_families 
3 Gover, Benjamin  8 Sep 1816Clutton, Somerset, England I6169326 7_families 
4 Gover, Charles  30 Jul 1802Clutton, Somerset, England I6169300 7_families 
5 Gover, Charlotte  17 Sep 1837Clutton, Somerset, England I6169305 7_families 
6 Gover, Harriet  10 Jul 1814Clutton, Somerset, England I6169324 7_families 
7 Gover, Jacob Cook  23 Sep 1804Clutton, Somerset, England I6169316 7_families 
8 Gover, John  5 Apr 1795Clutton, Somerset, England I6169312 7_families 
9 Gover, John  13 Oct 1799Clutton, Somerset, England I6169315 7_families 
10 Gover, John  25 Dec 1806Clutton, Somerset, England I6169318 7_families 
11 Gover, Keziah  24 Dec 1820Clutton, Somerset, England I6169329 7_families 
12 Gover, Martha  17 Aug 1834Clutton, Somerset, England I6169304 7_families 
13 Gover, Mary  5 Apr 1797Clutton, Somerset, England I6169313 7_families 
14 Gover, Morris  2 Dec 1827Clutton, Somerset, England I6169213 7_families 
15 Goverd, Ann  10 Apr 1785Clutton, Somerset, England I6169338 7_families 
16 Goverd, Anne  22 Sep 1782Clutton, Somerset, England I6169337 7_families 
17 Goverd, Charles  21 Apr 1771Clutton, Somerset, England I6169334 7_families 
18 Goverd, Charles  31 Jul 1774Clutton, Somerset, England I6169308 7_families 
19 Goverd, Mary  23 Feb 1777Clutton, Somerset, England I6169335 7_families 
20 Goverd, Morris  28 Aug 1779Clutton, Somerset, England I6169336 7_families 
21 Parfitt, Ann  1 Feb 1747Clutton, Somerset, England I6169397 7_families 
22 Parfitt, Hannah  15 May 1742Clutton, Somerset, England I6169402 7_families 
23 Parfitt, John  22 May 1709Clutton, Somerset, England I6169398 7_families 
24 Parfitt, Sarah  9 Apr 1735Clutton, Somerset, England I6169400 7_families 
25 Parfitt, William  15 Dec 1737Clutton, Somerset, England I6169401 7_families 
26 Rogers, Abraham (Twin)  10 Sep 1724Clutton, Somerset, England I6169394 7_families 
27 Rogers, Edith  12 May 1800Clutton, Somerset, England I6169372 7_families 
28 Rogers, Eleanor  12 Aug 1733Clutton, Somerset, England I6169382 7_families 
29 Rogers, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1723Clutton, Somerset, England I6169393 7_families 
30 Rogers, George  10 Mar 1717Clutton, Somerset, England I6169390 7_families 
31 Rogers, Grace  24 Nov 1738Clutton, Somerset, England I6169384 7_families 
32 Rogers, Grace  19 Aug 1804Clutton, Somerset, England I6169375 7_families 
33 Rogers, Grace  14 Jun 1809Clutton, Somerset, England I6169376 7_families 
34 Rogers, Isaac (Twin)  10 Sep 1724Clutton, Somerset, England I6169395 7_families 
35 Rogers, John  5 Jun 1711Clutton, Somerset, England I6169380 7_families 
36 Rogers, John  30 Jul 1802Clutton, Somerset, England I6169373 7_families 
37 Rogers, Joseph  28 Jun 1713Clutton, Somerset, England I6169388 7_families 
38 Rogers, Josiah  8 Jan 1764Clutton, Somerset, England I6169368 7_families 
39 Rogers, Martha  25 Dec 1806Clutton, Somerset, England I6169355 7_families 
40 Rogers, Mary  3 Aug 1719Clutton, Somerset, England I6169392 7_families 
41 Rogers, Solomon  8 Jan 1764Clutton, Somerset, England I6169379 7_families 
42 Tucker, Sarah  5 Aug 1827Clutton, Somerset, England I6169214 7_families 
43 Tucker, William  18 Nov 1804Clutton, Somerset, England I6169352 7_families 
44 Wall, Lydia  20 May 1770Clutton, Somerset, England I6169370 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Day, Ann  30 Dec 1865Clutton, Somerset, England I6169301 7_families 
2 Gover, Charles  21 Jul 1869Clutton, Somerset, England I6169300 7_families 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coales, Ann  28 Dec 1760Clutton, Somerset, England I6169399 7_families 
2 Rogers, Josiah  17 Feb 1832Clutton, Somerset, England I6169368 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gover / Tucker  11 Jun 1848Clutton, Somerset, England F1909438 7_families 
2 Goverd / Cook  1 Feb 1795Clutton, Somerset, England F1909545 7_families 
3 Parfitt / Cooke  16 Jan 1709Clutton, Somerset, England F1909578 7_families 
4 Rogers / Wall  1 Apr 1798Clutton, Somerset, England F1909560 7_families 
5 Wall / Parfitt  29 Aug 1768Clutton, Somerset, England F1909569 7_families