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genealogy of the drew, huggard, young, merrill families
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashton, Gary Lester  Cremated I31579558 7_families 
2 Austin, Ruth  Cremated I38334886 7_families 
3 Burch, Besse Beatrice  Cremated I22242165 7_families 
4 Colvin, Dennis H.  cremated I15600967 7_families 
5 Cordell, Robert David  Cremated I41032491 7_families 
6 Denham, Donald Roy  13 Jan 2006Cremated I37105160 7_families 
7 Durrant, Esther Fay  Cremated I31579559 7_families 
8 Gaddis, Jesse Oliver  8 Jan 1980Cremated I84781 7_families 
9 Graham, John David  Cremated I10432695 7_families 
10 Haws, Eva Joan  28 Aug 1991Cremated I43933639 7_families 
11 Holt, Marcia Louise  Cremated I89106698 7_families 
12 Hood, Cleo  Cremated I89106675 7_families 
13 Horner, Charlotte  Cremated I79951 7_families 
14 Karren, Nola Murrill  Cremated I37983708 7_families 
15 Mulford, Charles Roebling  Cremated I79950 7_families 
16 Nagel, Raymond Roger  Cremated I78541717 7_families 
17 Rasmussen, Carl Andrew  Jul 1982Cremated I60493536 7_families 
18 Riddle, Fredrick William Thomas  28 Dec 1979Cremated I37104924 7_families 
19 Riddle, Rose  Dec 1974Cremated I37104863 7_families 
20 Tietjens, Helen Mary  Cremated I10432694 7_families