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Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 42.02222, Longitude: -70.91806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Benjamin Nye  1821Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86788 Churchill 
2 Atwell, Mrs. Elizabeth D.  1838Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130929 Churchill 
3 Atwood, Ella  Mar 1855Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89066 Churchill 
4 Atwood, Eunice A.  Abt 1816Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89093 Churchill 
5 Atwood, Mrs. Bessie T.  Nov 1878Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89120 Churchill 
6 Atwood, Nancy  Abt 1807Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89089 Churchill 
7 Atwood, William  Abt 1779Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89086 Churchill 
8 Barnes, Albert  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134198 Churchill 
9 Barnes, Caroline F.  1834Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134191 Churchill 
10 Barnes, Charles E.  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134320 Churchill 
11 Barnes, Charles Henry  1837Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134347 Churchill 
12 Barnes, Clara E.  Abt 1842Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134349 Churchill 
13 Barnes, Edward L.  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134201 Churchill 
14 Barnes, Elizabeth  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61204 Churchill 
15 Barnes, Ellen  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134183 Churchill 
16 Barnes, Ellis D.  1831Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134190 Churchill 
17 Barnes, George A.  Abt 1839Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67029 Churchill 
18 Barnes, George Orville  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134197 Churchill 
19 Barnes, Georgiana  1834Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134340 Churchill 
20 Barnes, Harriet May  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134326 Churchill 
21 Barnes, Henry  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134172 Churchill 
22 Barnes, James  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134171 Churchill 
23 Barnes, Joseph  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134323 Churchill 
24 Barnes, Levi  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134170 Churchill 
25 Barnes, Luther R.  Abt 1839Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134348 Churchill 
26 Barnes, Lydia  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134173 Churchill 
27 Barnes, Mary  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134175 Churchill 
28 Barnes, Mercy  Abt 1757Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134168 Churchill 
29 Barnes, Nancy Carver  1837Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67026 Churchill 
30 Barnes, Nathaniel Carver  Abt 1810Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I43498 Churchill 
31 Barnes, Nathaniel Franklin  1835Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66990 Churchill 
32 Barnes, Sarah  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134177 Churchill 
33 Barnes, Southworth  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134182 Churchill 
34 Barnes, William  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25669 Churchill 
35 Barnes, William  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134181 Churchill 
36 Barnes, William E.  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134317 Churchill 
37 Barnes, William M.  1822Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134186 Churchill 
38 Barnes, Winslow C.  1829Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134188 Churchill 
39 Bartlett, Andrew  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134176 Churchill 
40 Bartlett, Joanna  Abt 1745Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89084 Churchill 
41 Battles, Elizabeth Cobb  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134302 Churchill 
42 Bradford, Catherine W.  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134346 Churchill 
43 Burbank, Lucy  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134338 Churchill 
44 Burgess, Augustus  6 Mar 1814Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86855 Churchill 
45 Burgess, Betsey Ann  7 Nov 1816Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86856 Churchill 
46 Burgess, Katie C.  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67030 Churchill 
47 Burgess, Seviah  13 May 1819Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86857 Churchill 
48 Carver, Betsey (Holmes)  Abt 1797Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98132 Churchill 
49 Carver, Mercy  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134179 Churchill 
50 Chadwick, Hannah T.  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134322 Churchill 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, Amelia  11 Dec 1868Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I559 Churchill 
2 Drew, Betsey Foster  21 May 1805Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I558 Churchill 
3 Drew, Julia  17 Jun 1854Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I554 Churchill 
4 Drew, Sally Ann  19 Mar 1913Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Churchill 
5 Holmes, Jedidiah  15 Apr 1862Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts I568 Churchill 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Adams  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F49620 Churchill 
2 Atwood / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7827 Churchill 
3 Atwood / Gledhill  Abt 1898Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33013 Churchill 
4 Barnes / Battles  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48564 Churchill 
5 Barnes / Bradford  1836Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48591 Churchill 
6 Barnes / Brewster  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48570 Churchill 
7 Barnes / Burbank  1833Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48584 Churchill 
8 Barnes / Burgess  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26343 Churchill 
9 Barnes / Chadwick  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48575 Churchill 
10 Barnes / Chamberlin  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48515 Churchill 
11 Barnes / Chase  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48574 Churchill 
12 Barnes / Churchill  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26303 Churchill 
13 Barnes / Davie  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48513 Churchill 
14 Barnes / Dickson  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48505 Churchill 
15 Barnes / Diman  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48508 Churchill 
16 Barnes / Goddard  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48497 Churchill 
17 Barnes / Hayden  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26330 Churchill 
18 Barnes / Holbrook  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48507 Churchill 
19 Barnes / Holmes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48511 Churchill 
20 Barnes / Nightingale  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48576 Churchill 
21 Barnes / Tribble  1832Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F17770 Churchill 
22 Barnes / Turner  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48572 Churchill 
23 Barnes / Weston  1827Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48563 Churchill 
24 Bartlett / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48501 Churchill 
25 Burgess / Pratt  3 Dec 1823Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37275 Churchill 
26 Drew / Holmes  Abt 1879Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47986 Churchill 
27 Ellis / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F24121 Churchill 
28 Harlow / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48499 Churchill 
29 Harlow / Bartlett  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F23210 Churchill 
30 Harlow / Holmes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F49049 Churchill 
31 Hayden / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48509 Churchill 
32 Hedge / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48586 Churchill 
33 Hodgkins / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48502 Churchill 
34 Hoxie / Atwood  Abt 1892Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33026 Churchill 
35 Morse / Atwood  Abt 1860Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33018 Churchill 
36 Norwood / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48569 Churchill 
37 Perkins / Goodwin  Abt 1840Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47335 Churchill 
38 Perkins / Perkins  1874Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26433 Churchill 
39 Perkins / Scudder  1860Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47336 Churchill 
40 Pierce / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48498 Churchill 
41 Ripley / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48500 Churchill 
42 Robbins / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26340 Churchill 
43 Robbins / Spear  1832Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1058 Churchill 
44 Robbins / Turner  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1060 Churchill 
45 Sampson / Puffer  9 Dec 1847Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36954 Churchill 
46 Sherman / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48504 Churchill 
47 Tribble /   1875Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F45730 Churchill 
48 Weston / Barnes  Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48568 Churchill 
49 Whitman / Drew  16 Oct 1807Curtisville, Plymouth, Massachusetts F412 Churchill