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Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.62822, Longitude: -70.96599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Babbitt, Susan  17 Jan 1836Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I874 7_families 
2 Blackwell, John  14 Dec 1727Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16280482 7_families 
3 Blackwell, Nathaniel  8 Jan 1725Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16280485 7_families 
4 Blackwell, Sarah  26 Jun 1712Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16264081 7_families 
5 Burgess, Benjamin M.D.  21 Jan 1738Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16319437 7_families 
6 Burgess, Seth  22 May 1736Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16319436 7_families 
7 Burgess, Silas  2 Feb 1730Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16319438 7_families 
8 Butts, Patrick T.  1804Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16377616 7_families 
9 Cushman, Elizabeth  29 Jul 1739Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273177 7_families 
10 Delano, Abigail  1 May 1719Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270437 7_families 
11 Delano, Abisha  9 Jul 1731Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16264458 7_families 
12 Delano, Amy  11 Aug 1713Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270812 7_families 
13 Delano, Barnabas  11 Apr 1718Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270657 7_families 
14 Delano, Bethiah  29 Oct 1690Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263607 7_families 
15 Delano, Bethiah  17 Mar 1730Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273641 7_families 
16 Delano, Brigget  6 Feb 1723Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16272513 7_families 
17 Delano, Calvin  20 Oct 1736Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16272199 7_families 
18 Delano, Child  7 Oct 1727Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270404 7_families 
19 Delano, Deborah  11 May 1739Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273687 7_families 
20 Delano, Deborah  14 Jun 1739Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270110 7_families 
21 Delano, Elizabeth  15 May 1722Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270572 7_families 
22 Delano, Elizebeth  18 Sep 1738Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16268530 7_families 
23 Delano, Captain Ephriam  25 Aug 1733Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273178 7_families 
24 Delano, Esther  4 Apr 1698Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263611 7_families 
25 Delano, Esther  3 Apr 1744Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16274484 7_families 
26 Delano, Eunice  31 May 1727Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16271763 7_families 
27 Delano, Experience  1 Feb 1728Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16274565 7_families 
28 Delano, Gideon  25 Sep 1736Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16277158 7_families 
29 Delano, Hannah  28 May 1729Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273136 7_families 
30 Delano, Jabez  8 Nov 1682Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263603 7_families 
31 Delano, Jabez  12 Jan 1708Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16278080 7_families 
32 Delano, Jabez  28 Apr 1723Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16269407 7_families 
33 Delano, Jabez  11 Feb 1734Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16278085 7_families 
34 Delano, Jane  3 Dec 1743Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16277949 7_families 
35 Delano, Jane (Joan)  16 Dec 1706Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270658 7_families 
36 Delano, Jethro  31 Jul 1701Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263612 7_families 
37 Delano, Jethro  17 Sep 1749Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16272803 7_families 
38 Delano, Jonathan  30 Jan 1680Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263602 7_families 
39 Delano, Jonathan  13 Feb 1714Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16277603 7_families 
40 Delano, Jonathan  2 Dec 1715Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270105 7_families 
41 Delano, Joshua  29 Jan 1747Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273582 7_families 
42 Delano, Mary  12 Apr 1712Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16278734 7_families 
43 Delano, Mary  16 Mar 1736Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16269004 7_families 
44 Delano, Mercy  27 Oct 1686Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263605 7_families 
45 Delano, Mercy  27 Aug 1725Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16267890 7_families 
46 Delano, Miss  25 Nov 1679Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263601 7_families 
47 Delano, Nathan  29 Oct 1688Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263606 7_families 
48 Delano, Nathan  1 Mar 1711Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16277112 7_families 
49 Delano, Nathan  28 Apr 1732Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16272159 7_families 
50 Delano, Nathaniel  29 Oct 1695Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263610 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Thomas  18 Sep 1743Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16319439 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell, Desire  2 Jan 1773Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263572 7_families 
2 Blackwell, Joanna  13 Nov 1724Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16280486 7_families 
3 Blackwell, Nathaniel  Bef 9 Jun 1759Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263575 7_families 
4 Bonney, Isaac  11 Feb 1809Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I86079 7_families 
5 Burgess, Benjamin M.D.  18 Sep 1748Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16280409 7_families 
6 Burgess, Mrs. Mercy  4 Jul 1746Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16319435 7_families 
7 Cooke, John (Mayflower)  23 Nov 1695Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I597676 7_families 
8 Cushman, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1809Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273177 7_families 
9 Delano, Bethiah  19 Jul 1693Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263607 7_families 
10 Delano, Captain Ephriam  4 Jul 1815Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16273178 7_families 
11 Delano, Jabez  23 Dec 1734Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263603 7_families 
12 Delano, Jethro  Bef 9 Feb 1776Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263612 7_families 
13 Delano, Lieutenant Jonathan  28 Dec 1720Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16244580 7_families 
14 Delano, Mary (Mercy)  29 Apr 1716Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16269537 7_families 
15 Delano, Miss  28 Nov 1679Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263601 7_families 
16 Delano, Sarah  27 Feb 1690Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263604 7_families 
17 Delano, Son  22 Oct 1694Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263609 7_families 
18 Durfee, Elizabeth  18 Feb 1784Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16272210 7_families 
19 Hathaway, Joanna  16 Mar 1749Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16259325 7_families 
20 Jenney, Lettice  2 Jan 1734Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16236857 7_families 
21 Jenney, Samuel  12 Apr 1692Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I3960658 7_families 
22 Jenny, Lieutenant Cornelius  12 Oct 1774Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16263244 7_families 
23 Morrill, Jessie Emeline  8 Mar 1989Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I17953184 7_families 
24 Peckham, Hannah  Bef 26 Nov 1775Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16276468 7_families 
25 Peckham, Stephen  23 Apr 1724Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I6181301 7_families 
26 Potter, Nathaniel  20 Oct 1704Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I6181342 7_families 
27 Soule, Deborah Mrs.  Feb 1710Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I3788138 7_families 
28 Soule, Mrs. Rose  Aft 15 May 1702Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I3788130 7_families 
29 Spooner, William  Bef 12 Aug 1729Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16270751 7_families 
30 Tobey, Elizabeth  1746Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16377885 7_families 
31 Tripp, Benjamin  Jun 1754Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I6181375 7_families 
32 Warren, Mercy  Aft 6 Nov 1727Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16244052 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Benjamin M.D.  Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16280409 7_families 
2 Burgess, Mrs. Mercy  Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts I16319435 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell / Hathaway  1711Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5286877 7_families 
2 Blackwell / Taber  1709Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5286913 7_families 
3 Delano / Cushman  27 Nov 1760Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5292369 7_families 
4 Delano / Peckham  1716Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5288143 7_families 
5 Delano / Peckham  4 Nov 1727Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5288150 7_families 
6 Delano / Pope  9 Oct 1727Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5288149 7_families 
7 Delano / Warren  26 Feb 1678Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5280928 7_families 
8 Drew / Russell  9 Oct 1803Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F27718 7_families 
9 Drew / Russell  9 Oct 1803Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F5303097 7_families 
10 Potter / Stokes  Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts F1914057 7_families