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Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.3342, Longitude: -79.3032


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Agusta  1877Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14675 7_families 
2 Bennett, Augusta Lenora  31 Jul 1875Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127235 7_families 
3 Bennett, Harvey  1860Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127232 7_families 
4 Bennett, Harvey  1860Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14672 7_families 
5 Bennett, Joseph  1871Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127234 7_families 
6 Bennett, Joseph  1871Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14674 7_families 
7 Bennett, Sarah A.  1864Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127233 7_families 
8 Bennett, Sarah A.  1864Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14673 7_families 
9 Gordon, Frank Wallace  Dec 1888Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315814 7_families 
10 Gordon, Susan Margaret  Mar 1891Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315815 7_families 
11 Reed, Edith Dale  6 Feb 1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90278158 7_families 
12 Reed, Edna Ruth  Dec 1876Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90278157 7_families 
13 Reed, John Wallace  18 Jun 1875Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90278156 7_families 
14 Reed, Laura Bird  2 Jul 1874Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90278155 7_families 
15 Reed, Mary Louise  Jun 1891Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90278159 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Houston, Elizabeth  25 Oct 1896Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14669 7_families 
2 Miller, James L.  26 Oct 1907Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315819 7_families 


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Agusta  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14675 7_families 
2 Bennett, Augusta Lenora  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127235 7_families 
3 Bennett, Harvey  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127232 7_families 
4 Bennett, Harvey  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14672 7_families 
5 Bennett, John A.  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14645 7_families 
6 Bennett, Joseph  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127234 7_families 
7 Bennett, Joseph  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14674 7_families 
8 Bennett, Sarah A.  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127233 7_families 
9 Bennett, Sarah A.  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14673 7_families 
10 Bennett, Susan  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90127230 7_families 
11 Gordon, Andrew MacBeth  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315808 7_families 
12 Gordon, Andrew MacBeth  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315808 7_families 
13 Gordon, Andrew MacBeth  1930Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315808 7_families 
14 Gordon, Carmen M.  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315825 7_families 
15 Gordon, Carmen M.  1930Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315825 7_families 
16 Gordon, Daisy R.  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315811 7_families 
17 Gordon, Frank Wallace  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315814 7_families 
18 Gordon, Frank Wallace  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315814 7_families 
19 Gordon, Harvey M.  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315812 7_families 
20 Gordon, John Bennett  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315813 7_families 
21 Gordon, John Bennett  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315813 7_families 
22 Gordon, John Bennett  1930Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315813 7_families 
23 Gordon, John Bennett  1940Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315813 7_families 
24 Gordon, June R.  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315816 7_families 
25 Gordon, June R.  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315816 7_families 
26 Gordon, Lottie  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315810 7_families 
27 Gordon, Nellie E.  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315809 7_families 
28 Gordon, Nellie E.  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315809 7_families 
29 Gordon, Nellie E.  1930Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315809 7_families 
30 Gordon, Susan Margaret  1900Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315815 7_families 
31 Houston, Elizabeth  1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I14669 7_families 
32 Humphrey, Margaret O.  1920Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315824 7_families 
33 Humphrey, Margaret O.  1930Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315824 7_families 
34 Humphrey, Margaret O.  1940Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania I90315824 7_families 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Daughterty / Reed  6 Feb 1880Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania F30822078 7_families 
2 Reed / Kunkle  18 Jun 1875Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania F30822077 7_families