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Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.97611, Longitude: -72.59222


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Abigail  9 Jul 1705Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119455 7_families 
2 Chandler, Daniel  25 May 1701Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119453 7_families 
3 Chandler, Deborah  9 Jul 1709Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119457 7_families 
4 Chandler, Hannah  14 Mar 1713Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119450 7_families 
5 Chandler, Henry  3 Sep 1696Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119458 7_families 
6 Chandler, Isaac  1717Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119448 7_families 
7 Chandler, Jonathan  10 May 1742Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119439 7_families 
8 Chandler, Lydia  27 Nov 1699Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119459 7_families 
9 Chandler, Mary  14 Mar 1713Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119451 7_families 
10 Chandler, Mehitable  30 Mar 1715Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119452 7_families 
11 Chandler, Mehitable  23 Jun 1720Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119454 7_families 
12 Chandler, Nehemiah  21 Feb 1733Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119435 7_families 
13 Chandler, Nehemiah  15 Sep 1739Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119438 7_families 
14 Chandler, Samuel  11 Oct 1698Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119449 7_families 
15 Chandler, Samuel  11 Oct 1737Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119437 7_families 
16 Chandler, Sarah  9 Jul 1707Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119456 7_families 
17 Chandler, Zebulon  23 Nov 1754Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119431 7_families 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Lydia  11 Mar 1739Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6139648 7_families 
2 Chandler, Hannah  23 May 1756Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119450 7_families 
3 Chandler, Ensign Henry  27 Aug 1738Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I5999197 7_families 
4 Chandler, Isaac  5 Jan 1787Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119448 7_families 
5 Chandler, Lydia  5 Feb 1780Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119459 7_families 
6 Chandler, Mary  13 Nov 1789Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119451 7_families 
7 Chandler, Mehitable  30 Mar 1717Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119452 7_families 
8 Chandler, Mehitable  12 Jun 1744Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119454 7_families 
9 Chandler, Nehemiah  23 Oct 1738Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119435 7_families 
10 Chandler, Nehemiah  30 Aug 1742Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119438 7_families 
11 Chandler, Sarah  16 Apr 1777Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I20119456 7_families 
12 Felt, Mary  4 Aug 1753Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6167831 7_families 
13 Wood, Josiah  10 Dec 1728Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6167827 7_families