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Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.939126, Longitude: -70.828385


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Colcord, Elizabeth  26 Dec 1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I70040657 7_families 
2 Dearborn, Lydia  4 Apr 1702Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41498592 7_families 
3 Hussey, Hulda  Abt 1643Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993837 7_families 
4 Hussey, Joseph  Abt 1602Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993831 7_families 
5 Johnson, Dorcus  1645Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6166916 7_families 
6 Leavitt, Benjamin  27 Aug 1737Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41556494 7_families 
7 Leavitt, James  31 Jan 1673Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6049052 7_families 
8 Leavitt, James  1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6049055 7_families 
9 Leavitt, John  26 Nov 1670Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6049048 7_families 
10 Leavitt, Mary  20 Oct 1679Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046021 7_families 
11 Leavitt, Moses  30 Jan 1674Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6049053 7_families 
12 Marston, Mary  9 Sep 1661Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993936 7_families 
13 Moulton, Sanborn  1650Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993954 7_families 
14 Page, Abigail  1 Feb 1693Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6143392 7_families 
15 Page, Bethia  23 May 1679Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993844 7_families 
16 Page, Christopher  20 Sep 1670Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993840 7_families 
17 Page, David  1 Nov 1703Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141086 7_families 
18 Page, Hannah  1641Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993821 7_families 
19 Page, Hannah  1652Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6037980 7_families 
20 Page, Jeremiah  28 Mar 1708Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141088 7_families 
21 Page, John  15 Nov 1672Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993841 7_families 
22 Page, Jonathan  1681Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993845 7_families 
23 Page, Jonathan  25 Dec 1700Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141074 7_families 
24 Page, Jonathan  7 Apr 1727Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141077 7_families 
25 Page, Joseph  22 Sep 1737Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141081 7_families 
26 Page, Lydia  3 Aug 1698Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141085 7_families 
27 Page, Mary  1644Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993822 7_families 
28 Page, Mary  21 Mar 1665Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993838 7_families 
29 Page, Mary  13 Dec 1695Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141084 7_families 
30 Page, Mary  10 Jan 1729Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141078 7_families 
31 Page, Mehetable  15 Oct 1724Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141076 7_families 
32 Page, Robert  27 Jul 1667Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993839 7_families 
33 Page, Robert  8 Sep 1690Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6143391 7_families 
34 Page, Shubael  15 Feb 1707Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141087 7_families 
35 Page, Simon  15 Jul 1731Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141079 7_families 
36 Page, Stephen  14 Aug 1677Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993843 7_families 
37 Page, Stephen  8 Apr 1735Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141080 7_families 
38 Page, Tabitha  21 Aug 1711Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141089 7_families 
39 Page, Theodate  8 Jul 1675Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993842 7_families 
40 Philbrick, Reuben  12 Apr 1765Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6135959 7_families 
41 Robie, Ruth  1679-1680Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41499340 7_families 
42 Robie, Samuel  4 Aug 1659Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993885 7_families 
43 Sanborn, Anna  27 May 1705Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41499351 7_families 
44 Sanborn, Jeremiah  12 Feb 1703Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41498591 7_families 
45 Sanborn, John  14 Jun 1711Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41499353 7_families 
46 Sanborn, John  25 Jan 1742Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41498597 7_families 
47 Sanborn, Josiah  1654Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993957 7_families 
48 Sanborn, Josiah  19 Aug 1707Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41499352 7_families 
49 Sanborn, Mary  Abt 1645Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993955 7_families 
50 Sanborn, Mehitabel  Abt 1647Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993956 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Jemima  24 Jan 1641Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141380 7_families 
2 Hussey, Theodate  23 Aug 1640Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993836 7_families 
3 Nudd, James  10 Aug 1707Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6066979 7_families 
4 Towle, Mary  11 Mar 1701Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141075 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Susannah  12 Jun 1680Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6272651 7_families 
2 Austin, Isabella  7 Dec 1719Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141382 7_families 
3 Austin, Jemima  5 Dec 1705Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141380 7_families 
4 Bachiler, Anne  1634Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993720 7_families 
5 Bachiler, Theodate  20 Oct 1649Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993715 7_families 
6 Borden, Sarah  22 Jun 1759Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141389 7_families 
7 Brewer, Thomas  23 Mar 1690Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6051870 7_families 
8 Chase, Thomas  5 Oct 1652Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6068098 7_families 
9 Chase, Thomas  5 Oct 1652Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6068072 7_families 
10 Dow, Henry  21 Apr 1659Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6049509 7_families 
11 Drake, Robert  14 Jan 1668Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6049305 7_families 
12 Drake, Robert  14 Jan 1668Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141428 7_families 
13 Godfrey, Deborah  10 Jul 1699Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6074500 7_families 
14 Green, Anne  12 Apr 1668Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993945 7_families 
15 Hussey, Christopher Deacon  6 Mar 1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993829 7_families 
16 Leavitt, Hezron  30 Nov 1712Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046020 7_families 
17 Leavitt, Thomas  28 Nov 1696Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6045725 7_families 
18 Mingay, Phillipa  20 Sep 1683Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046333 7_families 
19 Moulton, Bridget (Twin)  11 Mar 1699Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993949 7_families 
20 Moulton, Jane (Twin)  19 Mar 1699Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993948 7_families 
21 Moulton, John  Abt Aug 1649Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993940 7_families 
22 Moulton, Mary  11 Oct 1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993147 7_families 
23 Moulton, William  18 Apr 1664Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6038036 7_families 
24 Nudd, James  27 May 1753Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6066979 7_families 
25 Page, Christopher  4 Oct 1751Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993840 7_families 
26 Page, Francis  15 Nov 1706Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993817 7_families 
27 Page, Jonathan  1770Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141074 7_families 
28 Page, Margaret  13 Jul 1699Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6051024 7_families 
29 Page, Mary  8 May 1700Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993822 7_families 
30 Page, Rebecca  27 May 1673Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993819 7_families 
31 Page, Robert  22 Sep 1679Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993802 7_families 
32 Page, Susanna  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993818 7_families 
33 Page, Theodate  14 Aug 1676Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993842 7_families 
34 Page, Thomas  6 Sep 1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993820 7_families 
35 Sanborn, John  20 Oct 1692Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046631 7_families 
36 Sanborn, Honorable John  30 Oct 1767Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I41498590 7_families 
37 Sanborn, Josiah  1728Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993957 7_families 
38 Sanborn, Mehitabel  11 Oct 1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993956 7_families 
39 Sanborn, Mephibosheth  5 Feb 1749Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993959 7_families 
40 Sanborn, Stephen  21 Jun 1750Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993961 7_families 
41 Sanborn, William  Abt 1630Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141150 7_families 
42 Sanborn, William  18 Sep 1692Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993146 7_families 
43 Sanborn, William  9 Dec 1744Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993135 7_families 
44 Smith, Robert  30 Aug 1706Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6272650 7_families 
45 Taylor, Anthony  4 Nov 1687Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046032 7_families 
46 Taylor, Martha  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046334 7_families 
47 Thomas, Abigail  13 Oct 1749Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6026974 7_families 
48 Thomas, Benjamin  13 Nov 1766Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046029 7_families 
49 Tilton, Abigail  4 Oct 1759Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141083 7_families 
50 Towle, Abigail (Twin)  13 May 1716Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141391 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drake, Robert  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141428 7_families 
2 Hussey, Christopher Deacon  8 Mar 1686Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993829 7_families 
3 Moulton, Mary  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993147 7_families 
4 Sanborn, William  20 Nov 1692Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I5993146 7_families 
5 Towle, Caleb  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6141379 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thomas, Jonathan  1738, 1775 - 1783Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire I6046031 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cass / Sanborn  7 Dec 1681Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844684 7_families 
2 Chase / Philbrick  1642Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1872360 7_families 
3 Chase / Philbrick  1642Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1872338 7_families 
4 Colcord / Paige Nudd  Abt 1639Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1861087 7_families 
5 Colcord / Warde  Abt 1640Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1861088 7_families 
6 Dow / Dow  1685Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1865836 7_families 
7 Dow / Page  15 Jun 1659Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844657 7_families 
8 Dow / Wall  1663Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1865834 7_families 
9 Fogg / Page  28 Dec 1665Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844658 7_families 
10 Fogg / Page  28 Dec 1665Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844659 7_families 
11 Hussey / Perkins  1 Sep 1659Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844663 7_families 
12 Lawrence / Tilton  27 Apr 1689Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898468 7_families 
13 Leavitt / Carr  11 Dec 1700Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1865752 7_families 
14 Leavitt / Hobbs  30 Dec 1691Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1865751 7_families 
15 Leavitt / Sanborn  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F13829038 7_families 
16 Leavitt / Sleeper  1 Aug 1678Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844649 7_families 
17 Leavitt / Taylor  25 Sep 1667Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1864603 7_families 
18 Marston / Sanborn  1684Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844685 7_families 
19 Moulton / Moulton  Abt 1639Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844680 7_families 
20 Moulton / Page  Abt 1644Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844648 7_families 
21 Nudd / Thomas  10 Aug 1726Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1857987 7_families 
22 Page / Hussey  21 Jan 1664Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844656 7_families 
23 Page / Smith  2 Dec 1669Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844651 7_families 
24 Page / Smith  8 Mar 1726Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898318 7_families 
25 Page / Tilton  14 Nov 1689Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897548 7_families 
26 Page / Towle  4 Jun 1724Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897547 7_families 
27 Page / Williams  1 Jan 1696Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1861302 7_families 
28 Sanborn / Marston  1 Jan 1680Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844286 7_families 
29 Sanborn / Moulton  25 Aug 1681Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844683 7_families 
30 Sanborn / Page  2 Aug 1671Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1864898 7_families 
31 Sanborn / Philbrick  26 Jul 1693Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1844686 7_families 
32 Sanborn / Robie  10 Dec 1701Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F13829037 7_families 
33 Sanborn / Tuck  15 May 1647Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1864194 7_families 
34 Taylor / Godfrey  5 Dec 1667Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1874139 7_families 
35 Taylor / Mingay  Abt 1640Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1864707 7_families 
36 Tilton / Batchelder  8 Jan 1708Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898467 7_families 
37 Tilton / Chase  17 Jun 1725Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898479 7_families 
38 Tilton / Cram  25 Jan 1665Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897565 7_families 
39 Tilton / Hillard  5 Dec 1717Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898477 7_families 
40 Tilton / Hilliard  5 Dec 1717Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897571 7_families 
41 Tilton / Sanborn  23 Dec 1669Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897552 7_families 
42 Tilton / Sherburne  26 Dec 1698Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897570 7_families 
43 Tilton / Tilton  4 Nov 1712Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898470 7_families 
44 Towle / Austin  19 Nov 1657Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897644 7_families 
45 Towle / Borden  7 Nov 1693Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1897646 7_families 
46 Towle / Brackett  19 Apr 1698Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898513 7_families 
47 Towle / Dow  30 Sep 1714Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898509 7_families 
48 Towle / Hobbs  14 Dec 1693Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898511 7_families 
49 Towle / Hobbs  4 Mar 1731Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1898512 7_families 
50 Ward / Shaw  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire F1860933 7_families