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Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.971286, Longitude: -71.993909


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Butterfield, Joel  5 May 1801Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7565 7_families 
2 Covey, Mary B.  1816Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13542 7_families 
3 Foster, Asa Gray  16 Jul 1825Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7588 7_families 
4 Foster, Nancy Macdonough  16 Sep 1816Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7586 7_families 
5 Foster, Rebecca Hunt  23 Sep 1812Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7585 7_families 
6 Foster, Thomas Mitchel  10 Jun 1819Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7587 7_families 
7 Tirrell, Adelia A.  5 Jun 1848Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13547 7_families 
8 Tirrell, Alvin D.  21 Jul 1846Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13546 7_families 
9 Tirrell, Benjamin F.  18 Jun 1833Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13644 7_families 
10 Tirrell, Elmer E.  8 Jul 1853Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13549 7_families 
11 Tirrell, Emma M.  19 Apr 1867Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13563 7_families 
12 Tirrell, Everett C.  10 Sep 1843Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13545 7_families 
13 Tirrell, Hattie E.  2 Nov 1868-1869Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16311 7_families 
14 Tirrell, James M.  2 Jan 1863Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16310 7_families 
15 Tirrell, John W.  2 Apr 1831Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13643 7_families 
16 Tirrell, Lizzie A.  17 Sep 1863Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13562 7_families 
17 Tirrell, Mary E.  20 Mar 1850Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13548 7_families 
18 Tirrell, Mary Jane  2 Jan 1865Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I84554 7_families 
19 Tirrell, Nancy Caroline  7 Feb 1851Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13555 7_families 
20 Tirrell, Waldo Ezra  24 Apr 1847Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13554 7_families 
21 Tirrell, William M.  11 Aug 1835Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13645 7_families 
22 Tyrrell, Abigail Cram  8 Jul 1824Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7578 7_families 
23 Tyrrell, Anna  17 Feb 1812Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7572 7_families 
24 Tyrrell, Artemas  23 Dec 1788Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6924 7_families 
25 Tyrrell, Arthur  29 Sep 1815Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7574 7_families 
26 Tyrrell, Charles Brown  25 Oct 1817Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7575 7_families 
27 Tyrrell, Eliza Ann  23 Feb 1829Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7562 7_families 
28 Tyrrell, Ephraim  18 May 1814Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7556 7_families 
29 Tyrrell, Ezra  12 Jul 1821Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7559 7_families 
30 Tyrrell, Francis  12 Mar 1832Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7581 7_families 
31 Tyrrell, James S.  22 Feb 1816Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7557 7_families 
32 Tyrrell, Jane  2 Sep 1826Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7579 7_families 
33 Tyrrell, Jennet Mcinnis  3 Mar 1792Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6925 7_families 
34 Tyrrell, John  27 May 1823Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7560 7_families 
35 Tyrrell, Joseph  3 Jul 1804Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7551 7_families 
36 Tyrrell, Martha Elizabeth  25 Jul 1829Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7580 7_families 
37 Tyrrell, Mary  12 May 1797Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6926 7_families 
38 Tyrrell, Mary Almina  1818Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I59605 7_families 
39 Tyrrell, Mary Rachel  20 Jun 1822Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7577 7_families 
40 Tyrrell, Miles  12 Jun 1820Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7576 7_families 
41 Tyrrell, Nathan  1 Jan 1807Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7553 7_families 
42 Tyrrell, Nathan Cram  5 Apr 1814Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7573 7_families 
43 Tyrrell, Nathaniel  19 Jan 1826Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7561 7_families 
44 Tyrrell, Rebecca  25 Mar 1809Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7554 7_families 
45 Tyrrell, Sally  17 Aug 1817Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7558 7_families 
46 Tyrrell, Samuel  1 Jan 1807Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7552 7_families 
47 Tyrrell, Samuel  18 Aug 1810Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7571 7_families 
48 Tyrrell, Sarah Almina  25 Feb 1834Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7582 7_families 
49 Tyrrell, Thomas Michael  4 Feb 1786Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6923 7_families 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Joel  22 Feb 1842Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7583 7_families 
2 Grimes, Nancy  30 Jan 1883Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13553 7_families 
3 Hall, Stephen  29 Oct 1885Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13566 7_families 
4 Tirrell, Emma M.  5 Nov 1878Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13563 7_families 
5 Twiss, Margaret R.  18 Apr 1889Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13561 7_families 
6 Tyrrell, Agnes Nancy  20 May 1835Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6921 7_families 
7 Tyrrell, James S.  13 Apr 1816Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7557 7_families 
8 Tyrrell, Joseph  3 May 1850Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6918 7_families 
9 Tyrrell, Mary  11 Oct 1822Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6926 7_families 
10 Tyrrell, Nathan  Abt 1807Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7553 7_families 
11 Tyrrell, Rebecca  20 May 1826Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7554 7_families 
12 Tyrrell, Samuel  18 Aug 1800Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I2006 7_families 
13 Tyrrell, Samuel  Abt 1807Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7552 7_families 
14 Tyrrell, Sarah Almina  3 Dec 1834Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7582 7_families 
15 Wight, Betsey  22 Nov 1855Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7590 7_families 
16 Williams, Mary  22 Nov 1855Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13642 7_families 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Butterfield / Tyrrell  22 Nov 1798Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3547 7_families 
2 Foster / Tyrrell  26 Dec 1811Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3549 7_families 
3 Hastings / Tyrrell  1 Dec 1836Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3839 7_families 
4 Tyrrell / Cram  1 May 1804Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3546 7_families 
5 Tyrrell / Cram  29 May 1810Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3548 7_families 
6 Tyrrell / Shattuck  22 May 1798Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3545 7_families 
7 Tyrrell / Twiss  27 Sep 1857Hancock, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3833 7_families