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Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.766467, Longitude: -72.673165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1669Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I14457211 7_families 
2 Atwood, Harold Vincent  20 Jun 1909Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I57513613 7_families 
3 Atwood, Vivian  18 Sep 1910Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I57513614 7_families 
4 Bigelow, Elizabeth  Abt 1606Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165661 7_families 
5 Brown, Francis Logee  6 Jun 1925Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I72997522 7_families 
6 Butler, Abigail  Abt 1654Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165671 7_families 
7 Butler, Anna  6 Dec 1685Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165630 7_families 
8 Butler, Daniel  1650Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165667 7_families 
9 Butler, Elizabeth  1643Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165665 7_families 
10 Butler, Elizabeth  1667Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165553 7_families 
11 Butler, Hannah  1652Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165669 7_families 
12 Butler, Hannah  Abt 1663Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165532 7_families 
13 Butler, Hope  1674Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165651 7_families 
14 Butler, John  1676Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165652 7_families 
15 Butler, Joseph  1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165672 7_families 
16 Butler, Margaret  1678Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165655 7_families 
17 Butler, Mary  1635Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165662 7_families 
18 Butler, Mary  1669Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165649 7_families 
19 Butler, Nathaniel  1641Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165664 7_families 
20 Butler, Samuel  1639Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165663 7_families 
21 Butler, Samuel  Abt 1665Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165634 7_families 
22 Butler, Sarah  Abt 1682Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165659 7_families 
23 Butler, Susanna  1680Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165657 7_families 
24 Butler, Thomas  1637Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165628 7_families 
25 Butler, Thomas  Abt 1661Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165632 7_families 
26 Cadwell, Abigail  26 Nov 1670Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165540 7_families 
27 Cadwell, Edward  1 Nov 1660Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165552 7_families 
28 Cadwell, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1672Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165542 7_families 
29 Cadwell, Hannah  22 Aug 1677Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165545 7_families 
30 Cadwell, Mary  8 Jan 1659Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165535 7_families 
31 Cadwell, Mathew  5 Oct 1668Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165538 7_families 
32 Cadwell, Mehitabel  12 Jan 1680Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165556 7_families 
33 Cadwell, Samuel  30 Apr 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165543 7_families 
34 Cadwell, Thomas  5 Dec 1662Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165531 7_families 
35 Cadwell, William  14 Jul 1665Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165537 7_families 
36 Cole, Ella Amelia  27 Jul 1841Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I137299 7_families 
37 Gardiner, John Lyon  19 Apr 1661Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I14457208 7_families 
38 Hubbard, Esther  4 Dec 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165637 7_families 
39 Hunting, Ella  2 Oct 1875Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I83521 7_families 
40 Hunting, James S.  29 Jul 1874Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I83520 7_families 
41 Merrill, Abigail  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165325 7_families 
42 Merrill, Daniel  15 Jun 1673Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165349 7_families 
43 Merrill, Daniel  1 Jan 1699Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165351 7_families 
44 Merrill, Daniel  14 Apr 1714Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165362 7_families 
45 Merrill, Hepzibah  14 Apr 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165360 7_families 
46 Merrill, Hezekiah  14 Sep 1720Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165364 7_families 
47 Merrill, Hymon  1784Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165318 7_families 
48 Merrill, Israel  15 Apr 1716Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165320 7_families 
49 Merrill, Israel  1752Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165315 7_families 
50 Merrill, Jared  1754Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165331 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Merrill, Abigail  16 May 1742Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165325 7_families 
2 Merrill, Daniel  25 Apr 1714Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165362 7_families 
3 Merrill, Hepzibah  27 Apr 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165360 7_families 
4 Merrill, Israel  1752Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165315 7_families 
5 Merrill, Lois  4 May 1740Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165322 7_families 
6 Merrill, Marianna  28 Feb 1748Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165328 7_families 
7 Merrill, Mary  19 Jan 1718Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165363 7_families 
8 Merrill, Moses  31 Jan 1703Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165354 7_families 
9 Merrill, Rosanna  20 Apr 1744Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165326 7_families 
10 Merrill, Ruth  11 Jan 1707Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165358 7_families 
11 Merrill, Samuel  19 Jan 1746Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165327 7_families 
12 Merrill, Susanna  25 Aug 1700Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165352 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigelow, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1691Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165661 7_families 
2 Brennan, Martin J.  30 Jan 1988Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I77101588 7_families 
3 Butler, Elizabeth  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165553 7_families 
4 Butler, Joseph  30 Aug 1731Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165636 7_families 
5 Butler, Richard  6 Aug 1684Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165660 7_families 
6 Butler, Thomas  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165628 7_families 
7 Cadwell, Thomas  9 Oct 1694Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165533 7_families 
8 Clark, Mary Sophia  Abt 1970Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I48057568 7_families 
9 Gardiner, David  10 Jul 1689Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I813159 7_families 
10 Hale, Martha  Aft 25 Jun 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6166742 7_families 
11 Merrill, Daniel  16 Feb 1699Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165351 7_families 
12 Merrill, Daniel  1750Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165349 7_families 
13 Merrill, Israel  15 Oct 1784Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165320 7_families 
14 Merrill, John  18 Jul 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I596949 7_families 
15 Peck, Paul  23 Dec 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6166741 7_families 
16 Pratt, John  15 Jul 1655Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165523 7_families 
17 Pratt, John  23 Nov 1689Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165511 7_families 
18 Sampson, Emerson Foster  15 Jul 1960Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I48057567 7_families 
19 Stebbins, Edward  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165582 7_families 
20 Stebbins, Elizabeth  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165534 7_families 
21 Stone, Samuel  20 Jul 1663Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165696 7_families 
22 Stone, Sarah  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165725 7_families 
23 Stone, Sarah  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6168942 7_families 
24 Tough, Frances  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165584 7_families 
25 Wadsworth, William  Bef 18 Oct 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165710 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigelow, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1657Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165661 7_families 
2 Butler, Richard  6 Aug 1684Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165660 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Culton  18 Oct 1908Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F19271983 7_families 
2 Butler / Hubbard  1694Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908146 7_families 
3 Forbes / Merrill  9 Mar 1769Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908021 7_families 
4 Gaylord / Stebbins  22 Apr 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908130 7_families 
5 Goodman / Merrill  1764Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1907980 7_families 
6 Goodrich / Marvin  4 Oct 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1913730 7_families 
7 Goodrich / Marvin  4 Oct 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1913732 7_families 
8 Humphrey / Merrill  1762Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908005 7_families 
9 Merrill / Haynes  1717Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F10922937 7_families 
10 Merrill / Pratt  18 Jan 1698Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908017 7_families 
11 Merrill / Watson  23 Sep 1663Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F216563 7_families 
12 Williams / Sherman  16 Feb 1854Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F30154846 7_families