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Heber City, Wasatch, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.505589858606044, Longitude: -111.41046524047852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Batty, Celeste Vilate  3 Nov 1878Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I25439156 7_families 
2 Bowen, Mark David  18 Sep 1944Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I41032464 7_families 
3 Broadhead, Patricia Lynn  27 Aug 1944Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88299446 7_families 
4 Bronson, Charles  1 Feb 1894Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623172 7_families 
5 Clyde, Robert Earl  29 Jan 1893Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623126 7_families 
6 Clyde, William Earl  29 Jan 1893Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623127 7_families 
7 Gardner, Larry L.  30 Aug 1943Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604770 7_families 
8 Giles, Thomas Earl  17 Dec 1914Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100722 7_families 
9 Huggard, Jeremy Will  25 Jan 1977Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88299464 7_families 
10 Maxfield, Brett Richard  19 Mar 1956Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I29660772 7_families 
11 McMullin, Thomas Heber  8 Oct 1893Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I41032373 7_families 
12 Moulton, Dewey  7 May 1898Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623040 7_families 
13 Murdock, Josephine  20 Aug 1883Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623171 7_families 
14 Reed, Patricia Ruth  29 Nov 1928Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623092 7_families 
15 Sabey, Dixie Joleen  5 Oct 1940Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604739 7_families 
16 Sabey, Lynn J.  21 Oct 1950Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604737 7_families 
17 Sellers, Sadie Amber  31 Jul 1912Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I43569126 7_families 
18 Van Wagoner, Boyd Frank  12 Dec 1924Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623046 7_families 
19 Van Wagoner, Floretta R.  6 Dec 1926Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623049 7_families 
20 Young, Margaret Jane  4 Aug 1879Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623029 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Giles, Geneva  1 Aug 1915Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623222 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bronson, Charles  1 May 1894Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623172 7_families 
2 Chamberlain, Timothy Jay  26 Jun 1981Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I38298090 7_families 
3 Davis, Elden Robert  28 Jul 1980Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604738 7_families 
4 Davis, Violet  24 Mar 1996Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604767 7_families 
5 Evans, Virginia  15 Aug 2006Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88097946 7_families 
6 Gardner, Ada Myrtle  2 Jun 1929Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I25439105 7_families 
7 Gardner, Ellsworth L.  18 Feb 1986Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I25439110 7_families 
8 Huggard, Craig K.  22 Aug 2012Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88299447 7_families 
9 Huggard, Donald R.  12 Mar 1988Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45759 7_families 
10 Karren, Myrtle Mary  2 Mar 1977Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I37944841 7_families 
11 Leavitt, Dale James  20 May 1988Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I38298101 7_families 
12 Sabey, Ellis Berdell  30 Jul 1982Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604728 7_families 
13 Sabey, Lynn J.  10 Nov 1989Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604737 7_families 
14 Taylor, Georgia Rose  3 Jun 1989Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604762 7_families 
15 Van Wagoner, Clarissa  11 Nov 1972Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623020 7_families 
16 Van Wagoner, John  20 Dec 1928Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19622930 7_families 
17 Van Wagoner, Luella  24 May 1975Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623025 7_families 
18 Van Wagoner, Nancy Jane  18 Jan 1973Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623024 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Elden Robert  30 Jul 1980Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604738 7_families 
2 Giles, Thomas Earl  1 Feb 2000Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100722 7_families 
3 Sabey, Barta  29 Dec 2001Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604729 7_families 
4 Sabey, Ellis Berdell  3 Aug 1982Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604728 7_families 
5 Sabey, Nola  18 May 2004Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604731 7_families 
6 Thomas, Arvilla  10 Mar 2000Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100720 7_families 
7 Thomas, Grace  23 Apr 1994Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100721 7_families 
8 Thomas, Mary Thelma  26 Feb 1994Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100719 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bronson / White  11 Oct 1905Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F6398817 7_families 
2 Chamberlain / Ross  29 Nov 1924Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F12661317 7_families 
3 Davis / Sabey  27 Apr 1938Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F15155091 7_families 
4 Giles / LuvellaProvost  24 Feb 1909Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F6398829 7_families 
5 Pickup / Batty  16 Oct 1902Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F8222847 7_families 
6 Schear / Bronson  20 Nov 1905Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F6398812 7_families