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Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.679367, Longitude: -89.031649


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Abigail Ann  25 Jun 1877Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242153 7_families 
2 Atwood, Anna Eliza  16 Jun 1863Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242149 7_families 
3 Atwood, Barbara Jane  28 Jan 1917Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38686655 7_families 
4 Atwood, Charles  6 Mar 1852Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242145 7_families 
5 Atwood, Charles Starr  12 Sep 1884Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242156 7_families 
6 Atwood, Edward Philo  16 Nov 1895Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242159 7_families 
7 Atwood, Harriet Augusta  28 Jan 1858Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242147 7_families 
8 Atwood, Harry Cummings  19 Sep 1881Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242155 7_families 
9 Atwood, Hellen Adelaide  28 Jan 1858Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242148 7_families 
10 Atwood, John Horton  27 Jan 1923Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38686229 7_families 
11 Atwood, Leo Holmes  21 May 1891Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242158 7_families 
12 Atwood, Mary Lea  22 Jun 1879Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242154 7_families 
13 Atwood, Mary Lucretia  13 Oct 1855Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242146 7_families 
14 Atwood, Sanford Soverhill Ph.D.  03 Dec 1912Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38686731 7_families 
15 Atwood, Volney Doty  11 May 1875Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242151 7_families 
16 Atwood, William Volney  19 May 1848Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242144 7_families 
17 Atwood, William Williston  2 Oct 1887Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242157 7_families 
18 Doty, Alta Maria  23 Jul 1854Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242150 7_families 
19 Holloway, Dayton Atwood  28 Aug 1906Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38510791 7_families 
20 Joyce, Stanley Clement  3 Oct 1911Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38510816 7_families 
21 Shumway, Helen Evelyn  25 Dec 1912Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I97391 7_families 
22 Shumway, Tirrill Dibble  25 Feb 1910Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I89397 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Abigail Ann  6 Jun 1949Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242153 7_families 
2 Atwood, Anna Eliza  26 Jun 1950Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242149 7_families 
3 Atwood, Charles  18 Feb 1923Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242145 7_families 
4 Atwood, Charles Starr  17 Nov 1965Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242156 7_families 
5 Atwood, Harriet Augusta  3 Sep 1859Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242147 7_families 
6 Atwood, Hellen Adelaide  5 Sep 1859Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242148 7_families 
7 Atwood, Mary Lea  12 Oct 1937Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242154 7_families 
8 Atwood, Mary Lucretia  6 Aug 1949Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242146 7_families 
9 Atwood, Volney  30 Dec 1906Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242126 7_families 
10 Atwood, William Volney  30 Mar 1851Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242144 7_families 
11 Atwood, William Williston  31 May 1900Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242157 7_families 
12 Cooper, Samuel  16 Aug 1943Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242168 7_families 
13 Dibble, Theresa Eleanor  14 Feb 1916Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I89364 7_families 
14 Doty, Alta Maria  9 Feb 1923Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242150 7_families 
15 Holloway, Dayton Atwood  19 Sep 1906Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38510791 7_families 
16 Holloway, Don Clement  19 Jul 1922Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242160 7_families 
17 Holloway, Frances Louise  25 Jul 2001Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38510796 7_families 
18 Holmes, Catharine Ann  28 Aug 1902Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242143 7_families 
19 Joyce, Stanley Clement  21 Apr 1990Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I38510816 7_families 
20 Shumway, Frederick Allen  2 Apr 1951Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I14029 7_families 
21 Whiton, Edward Vernon  19 Mar 1900Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin I22242167 7_families 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Burch  29 Sep 1914Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F7248266 7_families 
2 Atwood / Doty  23 Jul 1873Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F7248259 7_families 
3 Atwood / Holmes  30 Jun 1847Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F7248252 7_families 
4 Atwood / Soverhill  2 Nov 1909Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F7248265 7_families 
5 Bochert / Atwood  24 Jan 1942Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F12803285 7_families 
6 Calhoun /   2 Oct 1943Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F12803309 7_families 
7 Holloway / Atwood  6 May 1900Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F7248263 7_families 
8 Joyce / Holloway  1 Jun 1946Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F12739243 7_families 
9 Whiton / Atwood  9 Aug 1876Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin F7248260 7_families