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Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa


Tree: 7_families
Location : Latitude: 42.3566462, Longitude: -92.0077316


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wilson, Jesse Earl  02 Oct 1888Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64119 7_families 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bain, John  Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64449 7_families 
2 Elliott, Louisa J.  Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64448 7_families 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lydia  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I119113 7_families 
2 Anderson, Charles  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I119114 7_families 
3 Anderson, Lottie A.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I119115 7_families 
4 Anderson, Naomi  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I47853 7_families 
5 Anderson, Naomi  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I47853 7_families 
6 Anderson, Robert W.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I119112 7_families 
7 Anderson, William B.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I47854 7_families 
8 Bain, Amelia Ann  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64444 7_families 
9 Bain, Amelia Ann  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64444 7_families 
10 Bain, Nettie B.  1930Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64457 7_families 
11 Bain, Wilson W.  1910Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64450 7_families 
12 Bain, Wilson W.  1930Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64450 7_families 
13 Briggs, Lida Ann  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66191 7_families 
14 Buntin, Adell  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64127 7_families 
15 Buntin, Clifton John  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64124 7_families 
16 Buntin, Jennie  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64117 7_families 
17 Buntin, Lurinda  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64122 7_families 
18 Buntin, Robert  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64116 7_families 
19 Elliott, Elgie W.  1920Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66131 7_families 
20 Elliott, George W.  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64463 7_families 
21 Elliott, George W.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64463 7_families 
22 Elliott, James W.  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64464 7_families 
23 Elliott, James W.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64464 7_families 
24 Elliott, John A.  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64462 7_families 
25 Elliott, John A.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64462 7_families 
26 Elliott, John W.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64446 7_families 
27 Elliott, John W.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64446 7_families 
28 Elliott, Louisa J.  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64448 7_families 
29 Elliott, Merritt R.  1930Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66146 7_families 
30 Elliott, Mrs. Ninretta  1930Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I137416 7_families 
31 Elliott, Oma E.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66126 7_families 
32 Elliott, Robert H.  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64443 7_families 
33 Elliott, Robert H.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64443 7_families 
34 Elliott, Robert H.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64443 7_families 
35 Elliott, Wilson H.  1860Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I38680 7_families 
36 Elliott, Wilson H.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I38680 7_families 
37 Farmer, William  1930Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64459 7_families 
38 Gallaher, Irvin  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I119136 7_families 
39 Hammer, Elizabeth  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I108101 7_families 
40 Hatfield, Mary Ellen  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I64115 7_families 
41 Kepford, Charles  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66147 7_families 
42 Lizer, Mina D.  1870Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66153 7_families 
43 Lizer, Mina D.  1880Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66153 7_families 
44 Lizer, Mina D.  1930Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66153 7_families 
45 Wolf, Florence Elizabeth  1920Jefferson, Buchanan, Iowa I66132 7_families