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Lake City, Utah, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.37362058892315, Longitude: -111.79601669311523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blacknall, Emily  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I45 7_families 
2 Featherstone, Mary Ann  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I27 7_families 
3 Featherstone, Thomas  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I29 7_families 
4 Featherstone, William Edwin  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I9208 7_families 
5 Friedlander, Rosa Clara  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I488 7_families 
6 Hoggard, Elizabeth  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3290 7_families 
7 Hoggard, Emma Dorothy  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3294 7_families 
8 Hoggard, George  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3291 7_families 
9 Hoggard, James  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I44 7_families 
10 Hoggard, James  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3293 7_families 
11 Hoggard, Joseph Heber  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3295 7_families 
12 Hoggard, Mary  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3289 7_families 
13 Hoggard, Samuel  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3292 7_families 
14 Huggard, Hyrum  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I26 7_families 
15 Logie, Annie Augusta  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3655 7_families 
16 Logie, Charles Joseph  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3656 7_families 
17 Logie, Charles Joseph Gordon  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I431 7_families 
18 Logie, Silas James  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I3657 7_families 
19 Smith, Emma  1860Lake City, Utah, Utah I30 7_families