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Lebanon, Warren, Ohio


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 39.435278, Longitude: -84.203056


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Abraham Reverand, State Senator and Representative  10 Mar 1819Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I20 7_families 
2 Bennett, Robert Nicholas  27 Aug 1855Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I10 7_families 
3 Bone, Sylvan Elvan  24 Feb 1857Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I67400 7_families 
4 Dunham, Martha Florence  5 Apr 1863Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I39159 7_families 
5 Durr, Mary Magdeline  04 Oct 1902Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71911 7_families 
6 Gustin, Earl Mulford  4 Aug 1897Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71966 7_families 
7 Gustin, Pauline Reeder  1 Nov 1895-1896Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71963 7_families 
8 Gustin, Reva H.  15 Oct 1899Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71968 7_families 
9 Keuter, Emma  28 Oct 1901Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71967 7_families 
10 Mulford, Caroline  19 Aug 1829Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65967 7_families 
11 Mulford, Deborah Ann  17 May 1820Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66016 7_families 
12 Mulford, Eddy C.  27 Feb 1931Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I47124228 7_families 
13 Mulford, Edward Raymond  21 Nov 1874Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71914 7_families 
14 Mulford, Elizabeth  29 Apr 1811Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66012 7_families 
15 Mulford, Ezekiel M.  14 Oct 1818Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66020 7_families 
16 Mulford, Gilbert  30 Jun 1894Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71933 7_families 
17 Mulford, Harry W.  30 Oct 1895Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71934 7_families 
18 Mulford, Jacob Smith  9 Feb 1813Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66013 7_families 
19 Mulford, James Villars  19 Jul 1870Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65998 7_families 
20 Mulford, John Ross  20 Dec 1829Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66017 7_families 
21 Mulford, Joseph  11 Sep 1814Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66014 7_families 
22 Mulford, Mamie  22 Oct 1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I72068 7_families 
23 Mulford, Margaret Rachel  22 Feb 1902Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I72004 7_families 
24 Mulford, Maria Louisa  31 Dec 1822Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66019 7_families 
25 Mulford, Mary Louise  22 Jun 1852Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I72092 7_families 
26 Mulford, Rhoda  16 Apr 1817Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66015 7_families 
27 Mulford, Sarah Melissa  16 Nov 1845Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I72077 7_families 
28 Mulford, William Dixon  2 Jul 1809Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66011 7_families 
29 Van Harlingen, Lina C.  6 May 1878Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I72387 7_families 
30 Van Harlingen, William Mulford  15 Feb 1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I72391 7_families 
31 Van Horn, Edna Marion  4 Feb 1886Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I89050 7_families 
32 Van Horn, Helen Anna  7 Jul 1892Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I39157 7_families 
33 Wills, Eldred M.  12 Jun 1904Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71982 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, David Britton  13 Apr 1864Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I3331 7_families 
2 Bone, Alice Maria  14 Jun 1891Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I67399 7_families 
3 Bone, Sylvan Elvan  2 Feb 1918Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I67400 7_families 
4 Gustin, Charles C.  21 Sep 1951Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71962 7_families 
5 Gustin, Earl Mulford  8 Feb 1976Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71966 7_families 
6 Gustin, Orion S.  11 Jun 1958Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71969 7_families 
7 McCarty, Ann  8 Jan 1876Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I67395 7_families 
8 McCarty, Margaret  26 Apr 1856Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65965 7_families 
9 Mulford, Augustus Eddy  8 Oct 1916Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65983 7_families 
10 Mulford, David Milton  6 Jan 1911Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65975 7_families 
11 Mulford, Eddy C.  28 Feb 1931Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I47124228 7_families 
12 Mulford, Emma Pearl  04 Dec 1942Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66007 7_families 
13 Mulford, Jehu  30 May 1870Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65964 7_families 
14 Mulford, John McCarty  6 Jan 1911Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65973 7_families 
15 Mulford, Joseph H.  1833Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I79724 7_families 
16 Mulford, Julia Ann  29 Oct 1833Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65969 7_families 
17 Mulford, Sarah Elizabeth  2 Jan 1922Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65985 7_families 
18 Mulford, Sarena Decker  18 Jan 1945Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I66006 7_families 
19 Reeder, Mary Louisa  21 Sep 1918Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65976 7_families 
20 Thompson, Carrie May  12 Nov 1899Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I67503 7_families 
21 Thompson, Sarah  23 Mar 1916Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I67496 7_families 
22 Wills, Eldred M.  11 Jul 1904Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71982 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mulford, John McCarty  Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I65973 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Rhoda L.  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I14353 7_families 
2 Mote, Minnie L.  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I71917 7_families 
3 Mulford, Shobal Patton  1870Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I14243809 7_families 
4 Robeson, Clara A.  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I55595 7_families 
5 Robeson, David Walton  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I55584 7_families 
6 Robeson, Etta  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I55597 7_families 
7 Robeson, Martha Belle  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I55591 7_families 
8 Robeson, Wilbur Chambers (Chalmers)  1880Lebanon, Warren, Ohio I55593 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bennett / Bennett  5 Apr 1845Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F1783 7_families 
2 Bennett / Cory  16 Dec 1819Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F1693 7_families 
3 Bennett / Cuddy  20 Dec 1838Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F1779 7_families 
4 Bennett / Enyert  27 May 1817Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F1692 7_families 
5 Bennett / Stout  21 Jul 1853Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F1815 7_families 
6 Gustin / Keuter  26 Nov 1936Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F28011 7_families 
7 Gustin / Mulford  30 Jul 1894Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F25939 7_families 
8 Huggett / Gustin  19 Feb 1920Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F28009 7_families 
9 Mulford / Monfort  10 Sep 1856Lebanon, Warren, Ohio F25915 7_families