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Lemon, Butler, Ohio


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 39.44413, Longitude: -84.396332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Long, Harry E.  8 May 1868Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243878 7_families 
2 Mulford, Ellen C.  27 Nov 1873Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243825 7_families 
3 Mulford, Job  11 Dec 1817Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243760 7_families 
4 Routson, Edith Irene  15 Nov 1911Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680827 7_families 
5 Routson, Martha Rose  6 Jun 1916Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680830 7_families 
6 Smith, Albert Milton  1907Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243892 7_families 
7 Stewart, Albert R.  27 Jul 1879Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243855 7_families 
8 Stewart, Clarence James  12 Nov 1901Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243860 7_families 
9 Stewart, Robert F.  18 May 1904Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243861 7_families 
10 Stewart, Russell Charles  13 Dec 1899Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243857 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Long, Harry E.  5 Nov 1876Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243878 7_families 
2 Mulford, Samuel  17 Apr 1917Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243815 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Mary  1850Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243770 7_families 
2 Clark, Mary  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243770 7_families 
3 Clark, Mary  1880Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243770 7_families 
4 Commer, Charles  1900Lemon, Butler, Ohio I50674205 7_families 
5 Grunden, Carrie  1900Lemon, Butler, Ohio I50860171 7_families 
6 Grunden, Charles E.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I50860172 7_families 
7 Grunden, Charles E.  1900Lemon, Butler, Ohio I50860172 7_families 
8 Grunden, Thomas A.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I50674204 7_families 
9 Gustin, Mary Alice  1910Lemon, Butler, Ohio I55606 7_families 
10 Gustin, Mary Alice  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I55606 7_families 
11 Long, Albert K.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243876 7_families 
12 Long, Albert K.  1880Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243876 7_families 
13 Long, Charles E.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243877 7_families 
14 Long, Charles E.  1880Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243877 7_families 
15 Long, Harry E.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243878 7_families 
16 Long, Joseph Edward  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243873 7_families 
17 Long, Joseph Edward  1880Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243873 7_families 
18 Long, Minerva M.  1880Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243879 7_families 
19 Long, Minerva M.  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243879 7_families 
20 Long, Minerva M.  1930Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243879 7_families 
21 Mulford, Amanda M.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I134946 7_families 
22 Mulford, Arvilla  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I134947 7_families 
23 Mulford, Arvilla  1900Lemon, Butler, Ohio I134947 7_families 
24 Mulford, James Findley  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I65033 7_families 
25 Mulford, Jasper  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I72485 7_families 
26 Mulford, Mary Ann  1850Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243773 7_families 
27 Mulford, Sarah Jane  1850Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243772 7_families 
28 Mulford, Sarah Jane  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243772 7_families 
29 Mulford, Sarah Jane  1880Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243772 7_families 
30 Mulford, Sylvanus A.  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I72486 7_families 
31 O' Fallon, Eleanor Kathleen  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39849015 7_families 
32 Routson, Edith Irene  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680827 7_families 
33 Routson, Everett Gustin  1910Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680828 7_families 
34 Routson, Everett Gustin  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680828 7_families 
35 Routson, John Ambrose  1910Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680826 7_families 
36 Routson, John Ambrose  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680826 7_families 
37 Routson, John Taswell  1910Lemon, Butler, Ohio I55607 7_families 
38 Routson, John Taswell  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I55607 7_families 
39 Routson, Martha Rose  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680830 7_families 
40 Routson, Ruth Virginia  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I39680829 7_families 
41 Shultz, Lucena Serry  1870Lemon, Butler, Ohio I72484 7_families 
42 Smith, Albert Milton  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243892 7_families 
43 Smith, Albert Milton  1930Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243892 7_families 
44 Smith, Cecil Edward  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243889 7_families 
45 Smith, Cecil Edward  1930Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243889 7_families 
46 Smith, Merlin E.  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243891 7_families 
47 Smith, Merlin E.  1930Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243891 7_families 
48 Smith, Michael E.  1920Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243888 7_families 
49 Smith, Michael E.  1930Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243888 7_families 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smith, Cecil Edward  5 Jun 1917Lemon, Butler, Ohio I14243889 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mulford / Emmons  18 Feb 1841Lemon, Butler, Ohio F4546781 7_families