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Limerick, Limerick, Ireland


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 52.679712548518395, Longitude: -8.6407470703125


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coel I of Coilus, King of Britain  120Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26382758 7_families 
2 Burnham, Mary Josephine  7 Mar 1891Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I7345212 7_families 
3 Cole, Mrs. Son of  185Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26402216 7_families 
4 Cole, Son of King  185Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26382846 7_families 
5 Deegan, Anne (Twin)  1866Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597683 7_families 
6 Deegan, Ellen  1861Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597679 7_families 
7 Deegan, John  Abt 1864Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597681 7_families 
8 Deegan, Joseph (Twin)  1866Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597682 7_families 
9 Deegan, Mary  17 Mar 1850Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10432710 7_families 
10 Deegan, Sarah  Abt 1863Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597680 7_families 
11 Fitzpatrick, Anne  1834Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I16807077 7_families 
12 Gratton, Anthony  1828Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13561431 7_families 
13 Gratton, Anthony  1828Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13707270 7_families 
14 Gratton, James  6 Jan 1831Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13561432 7_families 
15 Gratton, James  6 Jan 1831Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13707271 7_families 
16 Gratton, Marie Elizabeth  1823Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13505693 7_families 
17 Hennessey, William  1804Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13505668 7_families 
18 Hierlihy, Philip  Abt 1762Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I13482356 7_families 
19 Hogdon, Maggie J.  Apr 1863Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I1897 7_families 
20 McDermott, Catherine  Abt 1842Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I40119332 7_families 
21 McMahon, William  Jun 1794Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I12491836 7_families 
22 McMahon, William  Jun 1794Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I35606499 7_families 
23 McMahon, William  Jun 1794Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I35908638 7_families 
24 McMann, Ellen J. Downey  Jun 1838Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I55240024 7_families 
25 Nichol, Anne Jane  1843Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I90010119 7_families 
26 Sands, William  1760Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I16120631 7_families 
27 Siluria, Ystradwl of  Abt 155Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26401832 7_families 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Siluria  Abt 175Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F8520709 7_families 
2 Cole / Cole  Abt 205Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F8520789 7_families 
3 Gratton / Moran  24 Feb 1854Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F4309538 7_families