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Lost At Sea



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, John Ernest  1900Lost At Sea I44715 7_families 
2 Bent, Zenas  1867Lost At Sea I12490207 7_families 
3 Bent, Zenas  1867Lost At Sea I35604870 7_families 
4 Bradford, Nathaniel  Sep 1818Lost At Sea I74904838 7_families 
5 Burgess, Lemuel  20 Nov 1828Lost At Sea I16319837 7_families 
6 Burgess, William  12 Aug 1795Lost At Sea I16319815 7_families 
7 Clements, Edwin  Nov 1843Lost At Sea I75030853 7_families 
8 Clements, Reuben Gilbert  Nov 1843Lost At Sea I75030829 7_families 
9 Durkee, Jacob  Lost At Sea I74883834 7_families 
10 Fielding, Amos Paine  10 Dec 1848Lost At Sea I40119043 7_families 
11 Gilman, Edward  Lost At Sea I2485085 7_families 
12 Gilman, Edward  1653Lost At Sea I2487636 7_families 
13 Hilton, Israel Lee  18 Dec 1872Lost At Sea I74883649 7_families 
14 Hilton, Samuel Crosby  Jan 1865Lost At Sea I75030690 7_families 
15 Hilton, William Henry  Abt Jan 1880Lost At Sea I75030683 7_families 
16 Jones, Samuel  Lost At Sea I7295 7_families 
17 Kempton, Samuel  1777Lost At Sea I51472387 7_families 
18 Logie, Alfred Howard  Abt 1867Lost At Sea I3652 7_families 
19 Pinkney, John  22 Apr 1858Lost At Sea I75030838 7_families 
20 Thomas, Charles  Sep 1815Lost At Sea I122734 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fielding, Amos Paine  10 Dec 1848Lost At Sea I40119043 7_families