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Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.09199, Longitude: -70.704986


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnold, Desire  Abt 1689Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I603549 7_families 
2 Atwood, Chester William  26 Jun 1911Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75399928 7_families 
3 Atwood, Frank Weston  12 Mar 1917Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75399934 7_families 
4 Atwood, Harold Forrest  20 Oct 1902Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242623 7_families 
5 Atwood, Horace Clifford  2 Mar 1906Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242625 7_families 
6 Atwood, Walter Woodrow  10 Mar 1913Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75399930 7_families 
7 Atwood, Winthrop Leslie  12 Mar 1917Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75399935 7_families 
8 Baker, Lydia  18 Feb 1660Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18272730 7_families 
9 Barker, Mary  1647Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I55239884 7_families 
10 Bartlett, Sarah  24 Nov 1710Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I538 7_families 
11 Bent, Experience  Abt 1669Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3028301 7_families 
12 Billington, Lydia  1677Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9876348 7_families 
13 Chillingworth, Sarah  1611Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222180 7_families 
14 Darling, Martha Edwards  28 Oct 1881Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242620 7_families 
15 Dingley, Elizabeth  7 Aug 1681Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69573536 7_families 
16 Dingley, Sarah  4 Nov 1639Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6165879 7_families 
17 Drew, Cephas  30 Apr 1846Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137222 7_families 
18 Drew, Charles  Abt 1758Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I127757 7_families 
19 Drew, George  3 May 1841Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137221 7_families 
20 Elwell, Enos Irving  8 Dec 1900Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I81126 7_families 
21 Foorde, Margaret  Abt 1638Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182184 7_families 
22 Ford, Abigail  14 Sep 1725Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16277887 7_families 
23 Ford, Bethiah  3 Feb 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182193 7_families 
24 Ford, Bethsheba  3 Feb 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182192 7_families 
25 Ford, Charles  8 Nov 1727Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16275772 7_families 
26 Ford, Experience  1676Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182195 7_families 
27 Ford, John  14 Aug 1659Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182249 7_families 
28 Ford, John  5 Oct 1729Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16278831 7_families 
29 Ford, Josiah  15 Aug 1644Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182250 7_families 
30 Ford, Lusanah  1 Oct 1723Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16275335 7_families 
31 Ford, Margaret  Abt 1637Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182186 7_families 
32 Ford, Margart  Abt 1672Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182211 7_families 
33 Ford, Mercy  29 Apr 1662Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182248 7_families 
34 Ford, Michael  Abt 1635Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182188 7_families 
35 Ford, Michael  1637Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182187 7_families 
36 Ford, Millicent  1639Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182183 7_families 
37 Ford, Nathaniel  11 Jul 1731Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16275984 7_families 
38 Ford, Peleg  10 May 1690Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244514 7_families 
39 Ford, Peleg  19 Oct 1719Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16275843 7_families 
40 Ford, Sarah  1665Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182237 7_families 
41 Ford, Sarah  1665Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62720160 7_families 
42 Ford, Sarah  23 Sep 1721Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16275775 7_families 
43 Howland, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1706Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69846925 7_families 
44 Howland, Mary  17 Sep 1704Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69846924 7_families 
45 Howland, Sarah  25 Aug 1702Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69846921 7_families 
46 Jones, Anna  30 Jan 1708Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62715257 7_families 
47 Jones, Eleanor  6 May 1706Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62720822 7_families 
48 Jones, Ellenor  17 Apr 1710Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62725970 7_families 
49 Jones, Faith  26 Jan 1704Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62715694 7_families 
50 Jones, John  20 Jul 1701Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62718726 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Keene, Abigail  24 Oct 1708Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I281 7_families 
2 Little, Edward  17 Jul 1698Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I54262817 7_families 
3 Little, Thomas  2 Apr 1669Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I54262815 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna  1 Sep 1684Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182190 7_families 
2 Atwood, Frank Weston  21 Sep 1917Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75399934 7_families 
3 Atwood, Winthrop Leslie  5 Jun 1917Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75399935 7_families 
4 Bartlett, Nathaniel  Bef 1 Dec 1732Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69484934 7_families 
5 Bourne, Margaret  28 Sep 1683Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I54231752 7_families 
6 Chillingworth, Thomas  1653Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222228 7_families 
7 Delano, Philip  24 May 1761Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69573534 7_families 
8 Dingley, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1756Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69573536 7_families 
9 Dingley, Jacob  18 Aug 1691Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222184 7_families 
10 Dingley, John  1 Jul 1658Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222179 7_families 
11 Dingley, Sarah  7 May 1727Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6165879 7_families 
12 Drew, George C.  23 Nov 1885Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I88097857 7_families 
13 Elwell, Enos Irving  Feb 1951Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I81126 7_families 
14 Ford, Bethsheba  12 Mar 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182192 7_families 
15 Ford, Experience  25 Oct 1728Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182195 7_families 
16 Ford, John  11 Sep 1730Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16278831 7_families 
17 Ford, Joseph  12 Mar 1749Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182197 7_families 
18 Ford, Margart  1 Nov 1743Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182211 7_families 
19 Ford, Mercy  Sep 1741Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182248 7_families 
20 Ford, Peleg  10 Jan 1769Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244514 7_families 
21 Ford, Sarah  1753Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182237 7_families 
22 Ford, Sarah  1753Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62720160 7_families 
23 Ford, William  23 Sep 1676Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182191 7_families 
24 Ford, William  7 Feb 1721Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6165878 7_families 
25 Jones, Ellenor  20 Nov 1782Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62725970 7_families 
26 Jones, John  Bef 2 Jun 1740Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62713208 7_families 
27 Jones, Joseph  21 Apr 1727Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6175072 7_families 
28 Jones, Joseph  21 Apr 1727Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62712995 7_families 
29 Keene, Josiah  Bef 15 Sep 1710Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18395174 7_families 
30 Little, Isaac  24 Nov 1699Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18363640 7_families 
31 Little, Mary  Dec 1772Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485795 7_families 
32 Little, Thomas  12 Mar 1671Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I597967 7_families 
33 Little, Thomas  Bef 13 Jan 1708Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I54262815 7_families 
34 Pelham, Penelope  7 Dec 1703Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485730 7_families 
35 Sawyer (Sayer), John  30 May 1689Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I26215290 7_families 
36 Shurtleff, William  23 Jun 1666Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3968781 7_families 
37 Snow, Anthony  Aug 1692Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I599534 7_families 
38 Stockbridge, Elizabeth  Nov 1801Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485851 7_families 
39 Thomas, Alethea  4 Mar 1811Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I122747 7_families 
40 Thomas, Samuel  2 Sep 1720Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182169 7_families 
41 Tirrell, Alice Lane  2 Sep 1909Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17229 7_families 
42 Warren, Abigail  Aft 3 Jan 1693Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I599484 7_families 
43 Warren, Alice  30 May 1733Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244525 7_families 
44 Waterman, Elizabeth  Oct 1709Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596242 7_families 
45 Winslow, Daughter  15 Mar 1658Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485733 7_families 
46 Winslow, Edward  Dec 1667Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485735 7_families 
47 Winslow, Isaac  14 Dec 1738Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485736 7_families 
48 Winslow, Isaac  24 Oct 1819Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485800 7_families 
49 Winslow, Governor Josiah  18 Dec 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485728 7_families 
50 Winslow, Josiah (Josias)  1 Dec 1674Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I54200635 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna  1 Sep 1684Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182190 7_families 
2 Bigge, Elizabeth  Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222188 7_families 
3 Dingley, Jacob  Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222184 7_families 
4 Dingley, John  9 Jul 1665Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222183 7_families 
5 Dingley, John  Bef 18 Mar 1689Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6222179 7_families 
6 Ford, Bethsheba  12 Mar 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6182192 7_families 
7 Ford, William  Feb 1721Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6165878 7_families 
8 Little, Isaac  Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18363640 7_families 
9 Little, Mercy  10 Feb 1693Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18365913 7_families 
10 Little, Thomas  12 Mar 1671Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I597967 7_families 
11 Sawyer (Sayer), John  Aft 28 Apr 1711Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I26215290 7_families 
12 Warren, Anna  Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I599481 7_families 
13 Winslow, Edward  11 Dec 1667Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485735 7_families 
14 Worden, Eleanor  5 Dec 1681Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I603589 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Charles Richmond  1910Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242627 7_families 
2 Atwood, Daniel Ring  1910Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242617 7_families 
3 Atwood, Emily Reba  1910Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242626 7_families 
4 Atwood, Harold Forrest  1910Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242623 7_families 
5 Atwood, Horace Clifford  1910Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242625 7_families 
6 Darling, Martha Edwards  1910Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242620 7_families 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Daniel Ring  Sep 1918Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22242617 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Darling  25 Jun 1902Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F25544535 7_families 
2 Baker / Barstow  Abt 1678Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5886794 7_families 
3 Bent / Sampson  26 Aug 1703Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F973074 7_families 
4 Burton / Winslow  4 Sep 1684Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460084 7_families 
5 Carver / Ford  4 Nov 1658Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1914539 7_families 
6 Clapp / Winslow  21 Jun 1812Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460129 7_families 
7 Delano / Dingley  31 Jan 1717Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F23563365 7_families 
8 Dingley / Chillingworth  1635-1637Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1908245 7_families 
9 Dingley / Winslow  23 Mar 1801Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460127 7_families 
10 Drew / Rose  9 Jan 1794Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47331 7_families 
11 Drew / Thomas  31 Dec 1757Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F44567 7_families 
12 Drew / Thomas  31 Dec 1767Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F495 7_families 
13 Ford / Dingley  4 Nov 1658Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1908243 7_families 
14 Ford / Sherman  1684Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1904363 7_families 
15 Ford / Snow  12 Dec 1667Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1914545 7_families 
16 Jones / Winslow  17 Feb 1697Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F21190988 7_families 
17 Kuralt / Manter  9 Jul 1907Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30736256 7_families 
18 Little / Gray  18 May 1682Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5957402 7_families 
19 Little / Gray  18 May 1682Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F18165669 7_families 
20 Little / Thomas  1673Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5960347 7_families 
21 Marston / Winslow  20 Nov 1729Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30454100 7_families 
22 Sawyer / Little  30 Nov 1666Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5960397 7_families 
23 Shaw / Winslow  12 Mar 1793Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460126 7_families 
24 Thomas / Ford  27 Mar 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1914560 7_families 
25 Whitman / Winslow  5 Jun 1788Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460125 7_families 
26 Winslow / Bourne  1636Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F18162980 7_families 
27 Winslow / Lawrence  Abt 1662Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F18218265 7_families 
28 Winslow / Little  16 Feb 1725Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460094 7_families 
29 Winslow / Stockbridge  25 Oct 1768Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30460103 7_families 
30 Winslow / White  18 Nov 1770Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F30453841 7_families